The In

The In


The In? is a progressive rock band whose instrumentation and willingness to mix genres provides a unique sound and plenty of dynamic rock.


No two audiences are the same, and no two shows should be either. It’s The In?’s understanding of this idea that immerses crowds into their music. Choosing from over 30 original songs, the band plays what the atmosphere dictates.

Now celebrating their 5th year together, The In? continues to promote its most recent album, American Cocktail, as it progresses toward a third EP. The band plays primarily at local St. Louis venues, yet, as its popularity continues to grow, opportunities at regional venues and events in Columbia, Edwardsville and Kirksville, among others, have become a consistent part of the schedule.

Drawing on a huge variety of influences ranging from Muse and The Specials to Dexter Gordon and Stevie Wonder, The In? defies established genre labels, loosely calling itself “Progressive Americana”. American Cocktail, alone, incorporates elements of modern rock, funk, down-south blues, country, and 70’s Brit rock; each song blending different styles into The In?’s unique sound.

The band began in 2003 with the release of Nathan Graves’ (lead singer and guitar) first EP. Shortly after completion, the band Nathan had recorded with began to disperse, setting back hopes of jumping into the St. Louis music scene, and prompting the question mark in the album title, In?. Nathan persisted though, finding new members and refining his cross-genre musical style until he’d built The In?.

Now firmly rooted in St. Louis and spying outward, The In? continues to seek out fresh ideas. Whether introducing new instruments or playing acoustic sets, the four members are always adding something new to the mix.


An American Cocktail; released 2007

Set List

We have up to 3 hours (over 30 songs) of original music. All members are comfortable improvisers, which makes each set unique and engaging to the audience.