The INOut INOut

The INOut INOut


We're a rock band that has keyboards and sequenced beats. We write catchy melodies and make girls knees weak.


The INOut INOut who's name is a blatant sexual reference from Stanley Kubrick's film A Clockwork Orange formed about a year ago in Howell/Freehold New Jersey the winter of 2005. Within a year they managed to win a spot on this years Bamboozle festival and on seperate occasions opened for Paramore, My American Heart, Bedlight For BlueEyes, Action Action, and Men Women and Children. As promiscuous as their name sounds don't be fooled by these boys, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. The INOut's influences are as wide as the music they create, refusing to conform to a genre of music they stride to be themselves. Expect to be hear from these boys very sooon.


The Evidence

Written By: The INOut INOut

I hope this recess is just a test to take the time to love our lives that we could be living a celebration of my death. With oral sex and candy kissings the feeling is overbearing that we could be living a celebration of my death
Theres nothing left but possessions
you left the only evidence that links us together what happened to you and your sentiment
You walked away so gracefully, while I stumble and fall
I won't look back so keep whats more important then me.

La Fa Ti Do

Written By: The INOut INOut

When I think about you my cheeks turn red and the thoughts inside my head are the kind that I try to hide from you.
It's ironic I know but you know I've always been quite shy anyway it's too late cause your seeing some other guy.
Our hearts would sing beautifuly in harmonie, la fa ti do ohhh whoa


Written By: The INOut INOut

Feel the sun while we watch orange airbrush
and the purple pulls away
reminisce and I wish I was still there
water blue asleep under moon
set the mood while the red rises tide
it's beautiful view lasts us a lifetime
reminisce and I wish something could compare
water blue asleep under moon

I must confess this couldn't be more perfect
with every kiss i'm blessed and it's too perfect
so breath me in and exhale me out I doubt
that loving you is something I could do without

Drink and skip forget tipping your bartender
slip into a comma in our hotel
reminisce I know this that i'm still there
water blue asleep under moon

We're seeing things we never saw
we're holding on for so much more
the sky looks for light since abandoned by the stars

We're idle on clouds enjoying the calm
untouched and unsound observing the town


We have not released a cd yet. We have a 4 song promotional cd.

Set List

The set right now is about 6 songs long, we keep it short and sweet. We don't play any covers just all originals. The set is The Evidence, La Fa Ti Do, Lipstickless Lips, Paradise, Underage Consent, and Lucid Dreams