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The Insomniaddicts

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Hailing from the streets of San Francisco, The Insomniaddicts introduce themselves to the world wiith poignant, thought provoking lyrics over melodic, minimalistic beats. The microphone astronaut and The Wanderer bring homegrown hip-hop into your headphones one melancholy track at a time.


Hailing from the streets of San Francisco, two life long friends unite to form a spiritually thought-provoking lyrical juggernaut known as The Insomniaddicts. Answering as many rhetorical questions as they are asking, The Insomniaddicts wax poetic over gritty, minimalist boom-bap infused tracks, (pleasing even the most elite underground enthusiast), forcing the listener to step outside any preconceived notions about God, hip-hop and life in general, questioning their own reason of being.

Born and raised on the streets of San Francisco, microphone astronaut and The Wanderer were close friends years before either one picked up the mike. Founding members of the infamous EMB skateboard crew, the two roamed the red bricks of Justin Herman Plaza for years with the rest of the crew-absorbing daily what would now be referred to as the golden age of hip-hop. From east coast originators, A Tribe Called Quest, Main Source, Eric B and Rakim, EPMD, Special Ed, Big Daddy Kane and De La Soul to left coast mainstays Too Short, JT the Bigga Figga, 415, Hugh EMC, IMP, NWA, Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics and countless others began to shape and mold what would become the encompassing lyrical library the two would draw from in the future, to compose their daily observances into social commentary and diatribes.

Microphone astronaut was the first to grab the pen and the pad. Sometime in 1990, along with fellow EMB heads G-Man and Bobcat, the three made a spur of the moment ‘ode to EMB’ song using Above The Law instrumentals, recording on nothing more than two turntables and a cassette deck. From that moment, microphone astronaut was hooked on writing rhymes. Heavily influenced by fellow EMB alum Kold Blue to create story-telling narratives, micro honed his skills with the pen. A few years later The Wanderer would pick-up the urge to write.

In the summers of 1993-1994 God began to move heavily on the lives of some of the crew. Reuniting under the banner of Christ, microphone astronaut and The Wanderer began to seriously pursue their passion for this pensive pen play. Producing their own tracks with a humble home studio, consisting of the Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm and a Tascam 424mkII cassette 4-track recorder. The first track to emerge from this new union, aptly titled The Underground Compound, was “Silence of the Lambs” a track about believers not witnessing or speaking the Word when the time was appropriate, letting the blind lead the blind.

For the next decade, the two would continue to grow both spiritually and artistically, becoming influenced by the likes of Future Shock, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Busdriver, LPG, Lifesavas and Brainwash Projects to name a few. From borrowed equipment to pushing the limits of home studio recording, the only thing that stopped the sessions was the sun rising to greet the next morning. Progressively becoming more precise in their writing skills, the two recorded over 40 tracks between 2001-2005, finally releasing their long anticipated debut CD in August of 2006, titled “Eventide Revery”. 16 tracks showcasing both their love for the classic hip-hop infused tracks as well as waxing philosophical and musing on more poignant, melancholy subject matter usually not touched by the average emcee nowadays.

Seeking to bring their spiritual gifts to the forefront, not necessarily as focused on moving the crowd as much as moving minds, The Insomniaddicts continue to push the proverbial envelope of forward thinking, in efforts to break the box, whose stigmas pigeonhole similar spiritual minded artists. By developing a style that reflects not only the social climate of today, but simultaneously providing answers through this gift of rhyme, The Insomniaddicts hope to shine light upon their own niche of hip-hop.


"Office Space" (Fall '07)
"Case of the Mundanes (The Single)" 7/07
"Eventide Revery" 8/06
"Space Rhyme Continuum EP" 8/05
"Thought Provoking Music" 6/02

Set List

Sets include:
"Space Rhyme Continuum (Remix)"
"For All Intents and Purposes"
"Melancholy Eloquence"
"Case of the Mundanes"
"Fear and Self Loathing in San Francisco"