The Inspector Cluzo is a High voltage drums and guitar Soul/Rock duet said as being the favourite international act in 2010 Festivals.


Three years ago, the former guitarist and drummer of the deadly funk band Wolfunkind decide to start a new project together. Their fucking bass player never shows up at the practice, so they said "fuck the bass player" and start the band as an original funk'n'roll duo, playing rock and groovy music... without a bass. Their old mate Angelo Moore from Fishbone found the first name of the band, "Pink Panther", but they were affraid of legal issues and prefer to be called The Inspector Cluzo, one of the most well-know french caracter in the world. Then came a first LP, "The Inspector Cluzo", recorded and mixed by Stephan Kraemer (Yann Tiersen...) in Belgium. They don't know yet that they will sell 20.000 copies of this album all around the world, touring everywhere in 2009 and playing at the most prestigious festivals (Fuji Rock in Japan, Pentaport in South Korea, Springscream in Taïwan, The Falls and Southbound in Australia, Azkena Festival in Spain, Eurockéeenes in France, Pohoda in Slovakia, Rock For People in Czech Rep...). For a lot of promoters , they're simply one of the best international live act of the year, doing crazy shows, smashing drums randomly and having some "tumades" (1) with some frustrated technicians.
Back in France, they record their second album in Malcom's kitchen (renamed Studio Kitchen), nothing has changed… and everything has changed. Recorded between a good bottle of wine and delicious duck breast by the band himself (and mixed again by Stephan Kraemer), this record is richer than everything they did before (like if they learned a lot of their travels all around the planet), including a beautiful handmade package which reminds us that The Inspector Cluzo is a really indie band. Actually, they do everything by themselves, management, label, booking... trough their own compagny Ter a Terre. Helped by their old mate Angelo Moore (who make a very special spoken word at the end of this album) and the horns of french band Ceux Qui Marchen Debout , the funkiest rock duo of the world (or is it the opposite?) has just delivered a great record, more successful than ever and more sticking to what they used to do on stage, powerful and exciting. This is rock. "Heart and Soul rock".
(1)- Tumade : In Gascon, a word to describe when the guy is hardly fighted by the cow during their typical "course landaise" in Rugby Arena. "Course Landaises" and "Corridas" are the most representative sports in Landes country, where they come from.


"The Inspector cluzo" (2008 / Ter A Terre)
"The French Bastards" (2010 / Ter A Terre)