The Inspired Catholic Voices

The Inspired Catholic Voices

 Oakland, California, USA

The Inspired Catholic Voices, a must see group, sing traditional and contemporary gospel. The songs are truely foot stomping, soul stirring songs that will surely have you feeling better and wanting more. If you haven't seen them, you should! If you haven't heard them, you should!!


When people hear the name The Inspired Catholic Voices, they immediately say "Can they really sing gospel?" Well once they hear them, they immediately say "I didn't know Catholics could sing like that!"

The Inspired Catholic Voices are winners of the "2013 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards" for "Female Artist of The Year," and "CD Project of The Year." Also, they won "2011 Rhythm Of Gospel Awards," for "Song Of The Year, (God Is Love)" because these three ladies not only sing gospel, they sing some real good gospel. This is truly evident by some of the places they have sung and some of the other awards they have been involved with. They were nominated and won an "IMPACT Award," from DMP Promotions in Greenville, NC. Also, they were nominated and won the Bay Area Black Music Award for "Best Gospel Group for 2007." They were nominate for a "PTY Vision Award," in Rochester, New York in 2007. They received an O'Town Community Services Award in 2006 for their contribution to gospel music in the Oakland Bay Area. They were featured performers at the West Coast Conference in 2006. The Inspired Catholic Voices performed at the "Praise Break Conference," in 2006 in St. Louis, MO. The CD "Call On Jesus Everyday," reach number one on Gospel USA Magazine's Independent Charts; and number 12 on The Gospel News Charts. Recently, they were featured on the front page of Gospel USA Magazine, when the single on their CD "We Come In The Name of Jesus," went to the #1 spot. Also, they were featured in 110 Magazine, a Bay Area news magazine.

They have shared the stage with the Mississippi Mass Choir, Vicki Winans, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Luther Barnes and Shirley Caesar, just to name a few.

The Inspired Catholic Voices dress the part. The look as good as they sound. They bring a style of excellence when they appear.

The Inspired Catholic Voices have a mission to reach one soul at a time and to try and touch that person in such a way through their music that that person will want to establish a personal relationship with The Lord.


The Inspired Catholic Voices have recorded the following music:
1. "Gospel On The Move" (they placed four songs on this compilation CD). This CD received favorable radio airplay in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2. "Order My Steps" and "Holy Ghost" (two song CD). This CD received favorable radio airplay in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles, CA, area.

3. "Volune #1" (their first full length CD). This CD received favorable radio airplay in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles area.

4. "Call On Jesus Everyday" (their second full length CD). The CD received favorable radio airplay on a national level and opened many new doors for the group to appear in serveral places.

5. "Can't Stop Serving the Lord" (three song CD). Released in late September/early October 2007, with strong expectation to receive favorable airplay, plus strong attention from various digital download sites. Not only are they singing, they wrote and co-produced the first two songs on this CD.

6. "We Come In The Name Of Jesus." Released in 2010, this CD was recently featured in Gospel USA Magazine with two songs on the Top Thirty Charts. This CD is full of inspiring, moving and touching music. It is uplifting yet good to just sit down and meditate to. "We Come In The Name Of Jesus," is getting favorable airplay in California, New Jersey, North and South Carolina.

7. "Praise Him Forever." A 2013 release is showing good signs out the box. It is getting favorable airplay on San Francisco Bay Area radio stations.

Set List

There is no typical set listing for The Inspired Catholic Voices. With three CD's to their credit, the group offers many songs for a person to choose from. The group can and will do from one song up to eight songs in a set. Some of the songs include:

"Call On Jesus Everyday"
"How Excellent Is Thy Name"
"I'm Determined"
"Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus"
"He Delivered Me"
"Thank You Jesus, I'm Saved"

Plus many more!

The Inspired Catholic Voices will fit their singing to whatever the situation calls for.