The Instant Messengers

The Instant Messengers

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The Instant Messengers are a group of four young gentlemen who produce, emcee, tour, market, brand and move all their own quality product, while staying grounded in a constantantly evolving lifestyle.


The Instant Messengers are four young gentlemen raised in Northern California's Bay Area, who came out of an ignored music scene and errupted into their own musical showcase. DJ Effective, Cheshire, Alexander and Cambo have been performing and producing music for a decade as solo artists, and for four years as a group. From playing trumpets in jazz bands, competing in national poetry slams, contending and winning freestyle battles, combining rock guitar with banging Hip Hop drums and vintage FX, and creating sounds and music using two turntables, The Instant Messengers represent a diverse musical backround and taste. Smash it all together and their music promises something that feels new, and they back it up with a well-known live show that feels good. Perhaps the greatest testament to their talent, passion and potential, The Instant Messnegers have proven themselves over and over. Performing with names like The Living Legends, Mickey Avalon, Dub C, Zion I, Junior Reade, Dre Dog, Steave Aoki, Brother Reade, and Digital Undgeround, to say a few. They are cosnatntly throwing shows themselves, with thier own PA, and are believers in house party rapping. The Insatnt Messengers are younger, hungier, and more ready than anyone you will meet. Don't let the image fool you, kill it in fact, and see for the first time whats been right in front of you. The Instant Messengers.


Wanna Cyber-2003 (No label-Independent Distribution)
Kill the Image-2007 (Simple Man Records)
The Grouch Presents "Beans and Rice Sampler"-2007 (Simple Man Records)
Slammers-TBA Spring 2008 (Simple Man Records)

Set List

25-30 Minute Sets of Original Music
Ear Test
Scum Fucks
She Loves Bullets
Make Them Move
Heart Attack
Instant Swing

High energy party rap, a great live show.