The Insulted

The Insulted


Our sound is an aggressive mixture of rock and soul. We play pulse pounding music with the spirit of blues and jazz by fusing rage with rhythm and rebelion with sencerity.


All four members have been close friends since childhood. Our personal bonds, strong friendship, and individual charisma give our music a unique and unified quality that provides an outlet for us to convey a strong message of brotherhood and peace with a style unlike any other; a clashing compromise of different musical backgrounds ranging from metal to funk to Middle Eastern which has been described as, "The rebellion of aggressive rock fused with the soulful sincerity of jazz and blues." However, we don't take labels too seriously. We believe the music speaks for itself.


Rhythm Withyn'm is our EP that we released March 2007. The songs on this EP include Ashes to Ashes, Dead Man's Blues in 'D', and Our Childrens Children and the Battle of the Experimental Guinea Pigs. We have all three songs from this EP up in the internet/satellite radio. Our next CD is in production and is scheduled to be released in early 2008.

Set List

Since each of our songs vary so vastly from one another, we generally change our set lists from show to show, but we usually start with a heavy energetic song (Blue Baby, Our Childrens Children and the Battle of the Experimental Guinea Pigs, Gospel of Wealth, Dead Man's Blues in 'D') then slow it down in the middle (Facless, Narcoleptic Dharma, Ashes to Ashes) and end with energety and intensity.