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The Intel


We are The Intel! We are Rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. WE Love our music and LOVE our fans even more! What it all breaks down to is we love meeting new friends to party/chat/play/hang out with. IF you like what you hear let us know, we would love to come see you! <3 The Intel


The Intel is a six piece pop rock/pop metal/happy hardcore band originally formed in May 2008 and recorded their debut 3 song EP "Your Secret Alibi" with Mike Poorman (Hot Rod Circuit, Brand New) at Strangeways Recording Studios. Since then The Intel has toured the East coast, played with nationally and internationally signed acts, was one of 12 semifinalists out of over 200 entries in the 2009 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt, had "Two Against the World" featured as one of the top 95 songs of 2009 on 95.5 WBRU,and recently independently produced and released their debut full length album "Dear Icarus, Thanks for Nothin".


The Cliche of Dying On Prom Night

Written By: The Intel

We're out of control, little baby. There's no sequence to this spin.
We're going straight to the bottom. There's no mercy from the current
and the water traps us in.
Through an open door (I check my pulse. I couldn't be so loud) I hear you call my name

Inside the ambulance I saw angels floating over head. Watching over you.
We can make it through the night but we'll never be the same.
"Last dance with Aramus," she said. She'd gone delirious from pain.
We're not giving up. We can make it through the night but we'll never be the same.

I swear I'll never leave your side.
I'll be the breeze beneath you that helps you float across the floor.
Please, doctor, can you hurry?
I'll take your place right there if only God would let me.
I'm making promises theres just no way of keeping.
The space between your heartbeat speaks to me.
It calls my name. I hear it call my name.

Heartbeat heartbeat precaution. We've got no pulse to work with.

Heartbeat heartbeat disaster. We've got no pulse to work with.
Heartbeat heartbeat disaster. We've got no pulse to work with.
Heartbeat heartbeat precaution. We've got a pulse. Lets go!

Two Minutes For Roping

Written By: The Intel

She's got a lead foot for a trigger finger.
We're set so lock and load. We've got an open shot.
And if you're caught inside her cross-hairs don't take it personal.

Cover me. I'm going in because we got "shots fired" called on the radio.
She's changing positions.
Duck and cover. She's a maverick with a clear shot to your heart.
Hurry! Run for shelter because her lips are snipers.
How do you steady your breathing when the world is shaking?

How dare she rope me in when I'm to weak to get out myself. Get out! Get out!

She's got an open shot.
Her steal blue eyes are ice cold.
They seem to puncture my soul.

This is a Song About Pirates

Written By: The Intel

What are you waiting for? We know that this means war!
This is your call to arms. This is our call to arms.

We're forging East at the mercy of the winds to Heaven's shores.
We'll go through Hell to find out who we are
and find out what we're made of.

We stand at the edge of the world staring death square in the face
but its not about whether we live or die. Its about the fight in our spirit

I think I saw this all before. Maybe it was in a dream somehow.
I can't believe these nightmares.
I think I saw this all before. I'm at the mercy of these nightmares.

We pledge our lives to those aboard.
We gave our hearts to distant shores.
This storm can test the will we hold.
I swear I'll never let you down.

We hear the cannons through the rain. They call us like church bells.
We need all hands on deck to save this ship.



Written By: The Intel

If I spend my whole life dreaming then I'll never be alone
or waiting there for phone calls I know will never come.
We'll hide under the covers getting lost amongst the thread.
Memories are fantasies of things I never said.
And I know whats gonna happen when I open up my eyes.
You wont be lying next to me it comes as no surprise.
Oh baby, you dont know me but I never get this way.
I'm tripping over my tongue not knowing what to say.

Here I am. I'm at a lost for words.

And the highway lights connect like constellations.
Lighting the road and guiding lost hearts home.
And we'll take tonight like fireflies take summer.
With a wind at our backs we're learning to let go.

And I never had the courage and I never had the spine
to say the things to you I know that would make you mine.
The ice around Saturn can't be as cold as your shoulders.
And I havent wanted anyone in such a long long time.
It's hard for me to have someone running through my mind.
You're lips taste of mistakes from the past that you have made.

Remember to breathe when I am around you.
I've been here before. My luck on the ground.
We've been here before. I've seen this before.
I've heard it before so dont make a sound.
Don't make a sound. I won't make a sound.
Oh angel dont you break my heart.
Oh angel please dont break my heart.

The city lights connect like stars forming constellations
of things I've never seen before but I can hardly blame them.
You opened up my eyes.
Never did I ever think that I could miss you so bad.
Of all the things I've said to you I wanted you to know that you were always on my mind.


-Dear Icarus, Thanks For Nothing (2009)
-Your Secret Alibi (2008)

Set List

Two Set Lists

5 Song Set

Knife Fight In A Phone Booth
Dear Icarus, Thanks For Nothin'
Two Minutes For Roping
Cliches Of Dying On Prom Night
This Is a Song About Pirates

6 Song Set

Knife Fight In A Phone Booth
Dear Icarus, Thanks For Nothin'
Two Minutes For Roping
Cliches Of Dying On Prom Night
This Is A Song About Pirates