The Intellexz

The Intellexz

 Scarborough, Ontario, CAN

Andres is a multi talented musician who delivers a great performance to any audience. Seeking opportunities to display quality music and expand his rapid growing fan base. His songs fuse catchy pop vocals with Electronic Dance Music and are best described as “Calvin Harris meets Bruno Mars”/“Swedish House Mafia meets Usher”.


The Intellexz, which consist of Bobby Conscious Dedier and Peter Natale are Producers, Songwriters and DJ/Performers, based in Toronto, Canada. The duo creates a diverse spectrum of musical greatness by fusing together many genres to produce musical works of art.

Starting from a very young age, both Bobby and Peter have had a strong passion and talent for music running through their veins. To enhance their skills they both embarked on separate journeys to improve their musical uniqueness. This journey allowed them to achieve the musical skills to play the piano, keyboards, drums and bass. In addition, they developed skills in Dj'ing and sound engineering on their quest of learning different talents related to the world of music. Because of their training and experiences they have been able to cultivate a unique, creative approach when creating music.

It was in the year 2010 the duo decided to joined forces and create the brand The Intellexz. Prior to officially forming the production team, they collaborated on many projects for artist in North America and The United Kingdom. Therefore, being in the same circle and having a previous working history made it no brainer for the two to join forces.

The Intellexz's musical inspiration has been influenced by some of the most favored musicians to walk the planet, from acts such as Prince, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Cher to name a few. As true music junkies, they have been able to fuse the foundations of musicianship with a modern feel that allows them to satisfy the ears of music lovers.

The Intellexz are rapidly moving up the ladder of success and when asked what is the driving force behind their journey they state "we make sure to keep the passion for what we do at the forefront and are constantly learning and evolving with a forever expanding music industry which allows us to remain current, have fun and create good music". Keep your ears open for the soon to be super production duo, as their infectious sounds are captivating music lover from all over the world.


Sugar Jones " Sugar Jones" Album - Producer/Mix Engineer

Maestro Fresh Wes "Everywhere I go" Single - Producer

God Made Me Funky "Won More Time" - Producer (Licensed to American Pie Movie & Coors Light commercials)

Craig David "What's Your Flavor" Official Remix - Producer

Nick Carter "Falling Down" Official Remix - Producer

Todd Terry "Samba"(The Intellexz Remix) - Producer