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Wise Intelligent is the perfect balance of style and substance!


Wise Intelligent is the front man for the critically acclaimed and Legendary Hiphop trio known to the world as the “Poor Righteous Teachers”. PRT hail from and represent to the fullest Trenton New Jersey (New Jerusalem). They released five incredible albums throughout their illustrious career. Their groundbreaking first album Holy Intellect was released on Profile records in 1990 and introduced to the world one of the most unique and revolutionary sounds in Hiphop history. Their equally impressive follow up album Pure Poverty was released in 1991 and cemented their place as one of Hiphop’s most elite groups. Black Business (1993/Profile), New World Order (1996/Profile), and Declaration Of Independence (2001/Exit 7a Records) continued to build on PRT’s standard of lyrical excellence and commitment to raising the consciousness of poor people worldwide. Throughout all of PRT’s albums, they have espoused the virtues of righteousness (without being self-righteous) as embodied in the struggle of poor people around the world. Growing up in any ghetto in any country around the world is not an easy task. Urban decay, joblessness, homelessness, racism, drugs and death are just a few of the things that await the children of the world, and PRT has always stood on the front lines of that struggle. Poor Righteous Teachers have also been on numerous national and international tours. Now in 2007, Wise Intelligent is stepping back out on the front lines once again with an incredible new solo album that will undoubtedly raise the bar of lyrically integrity and change the game once again. Over the years many different styles have developed, and many different Mc’s/Rappers have come and go, but none as original, honest, or distinct as the lyrical wizardry and unforgettable delivery of Wise Intelligent. Blending a unique style of Jamaican chanting and rapid-fire poetry, Wise has always delivered an unparalleled vocal assault. As a diligent student of hip-hop pioneers such as Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, The Cold Crush Brothers, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions/KRS ONE, Eric B & Rakim, Brand Nubian, Ultramagnetic Mc’s, X-Clan, and an adolescent immersion (baptism) into the Caribbean dancehall, rockers, and reggae sounds of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Yellow Man, Eek-A-Mouse, Sista Nancy, Early B, and Josey Wales among others Wise Intelligent is in his own wordz became "Every MC" This New Jersey native (born + raised) representing Reb Brick City/DivineLand (Trenton, NJ) possesses all the attributes of a timeless warrior poet: insight, substance, skill, fortitude and most importantly integrity. "es Cuomo es Wise" Wise is what he is! Wise Intelligent Iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor will be released summer 2007. This powerful album will mark the moment when a True MC and Classic Hiphop Muzik will make it’s debut against the backdrop of the heavily marketed and marginally talented artist that have saturated the industry for far too long. With this new album Wise wants to take you on an intimate journey into not only the making of a legendary MC, but you’re going to get a glimpse of what went into making the man. Wise Intelligent’s message is a simple yet powerful one “The reason Hiphop is considered DEAD and the community is in a complete state of chaos and disorder is because WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO ENOUGH INTELLIGENT MUZIK!”. The God has declared that “It’s No Longer Smart to be Dumb!” and if you’re not ready to step up then it’s time for you to step down. So are you ready to go back to the time when talent determined who was the best MC? Well if you are then get ready to embrace and experience “The Talented Timothy Taylor”


Holy Intellect
Released: March 16, 1990
Billboard 200 chart position: #142
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #17
Singles: "Time to Say Peace"/"Butt Naked Booty Bless", "Rock Dis Funky Joint",
"Holy Intellect"/"Self-Styled Wisdom"

Pure Poverty
Released: July 1, 1991
Billboard 200 chart position: #155
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #23
Singles: "Shakiyla (JRH)"/"Stricly Mash'ion", "Easy Star"

Black Business
Released: September 14, 1993
Billboard 200 chart position: #167
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #29
Singles: "Nobody Move"/"Da Rill Shit"

The New World Order
Released: October 1, 1996
Billboard 200 chart position: -
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #57
Singles: "Word Iz Life"/"Dreadful Day", "Conscious Style"

MTV/BET Music Videos: Rock Dis Funky Joint, Holy Intellect, Shakiyla, Easy Star, Nobody Move, Steady Slangin', Word Iz Life

Studios: Epsilon NJ, Battery NY, Hit Factory NY, Interlude NY, Platinum Island NY, Chung King NY, Sigma PA, and others

Lectures: University of California @ Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brown University, Temple University, NYU, Carrera Young Executives Baltimore, Baltimore Youth Explosion, and others


"Holy Intellect is a sharp session, squarely in an Afrocentric groove, featuring dozens of intelligent lyrics on tracks like "Time to Say Peace," "Holy Intellect," and "Word From the Wise." Poor Righteous Teachers also illustrated they were capable of moving a party as well with "Rock Dis Funky Joint." - AMG Review

On the road Wise honed his writing skills in tour buses and hotel rooms while preparing Poor Righteous Teacher's 1992 sophomore effort "Pure Poverty" the record sold some 395k units and made PRT one of the most respected hip-hop groups in the country. The first video, "Shakiyla (JRH)" a sequel to Holy Intellects "Shakiyla" propelled the group to the forefront of hip-hops growing faction of conscious rap ambassadors.


"Rappers who take a strong moral stance were beginning to proliferate when the second Poor Righteous Teachers album came out, but this young trio had been "teaching the righteous way" since the beginning, combining hard, funky beats with culture-conscious didacticism. Their stated goal was to teach the poor to be emotionally, domestically and economically self-sufficient Wise Intelligent's lilting, reggae-influenced speed rap is especially fine, especially on the dancehall-inflected "Easy Star" and "I'm Comin' Again," an a cappella rap. There are occasional moments of self-contradiction, maybe even hypocrisy: though they solemnly preach respect for "the Black woman," they apparently see nothing wrong with using her orgasmic moans and groans to spice up a track or two. But the album's still a winner overall." ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

1993 with wise still writing profusely the group embarked on their 3rd LP' "Black Business" an ode to black businesses, and first European tour. The first single "Nobody Move" took PRT and Wise as a writer to another level in creativity and originality. The reggae influenced hip-hop track and song lyrics became the identifying mark of the Trenton trio. This originality and skill took this young songwriter from the low income housing projects in Trenton, NJ to the UK/Europe including London and Harlem, England, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Wuppertal and Fribourg, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland and Holland, Amsterdam.

BLACK BUSINESS Billboard Review

"The strength of the album Black Business is the way that positive philosophy is poetically delivered over bold, intense music. Rap has always been about lyrical skills. Over the years many different styles have developed but probably none as impressive or distinctive as the lyrical wizardry of Wise Intelligent. Blending a unique style of Jamaican chatting and rapid-fire poetry Wise delivers an unparalleled vocal assault." – Billboard

After touring Europe for two months Wise Intelligent and the group returned to Trenton for a much -deserved break. Yet, Wise being the committed songwriter and student of the business that he is, decided not to take the time off and launched an independent album on his own label "Slangspit Records." The solo effort was Wises' way of learning more about the inner-workings of the music industry. The solo debut "Killing U for Fun" was produced, written and arranged by Wise Intelligent and distributed by Ruff Nation/Columbia Records. This is where "the Teacher" became "a student" to become a greater teacher.

KILLING U (for fun) Harry Allen (hip-hop journalist)

"From the title one may be lead to believe that the album is a violent contradiction to the values PRT's lead man had made them famous for but "never judge a book by its cover." The title "Killing U, says Wise Intelligent is an effort to make poor people, namely poor blacks aware of the racial profiling, Rockefeller Drug laws and other official or unofficial pol