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"Wise Intelligent: The Talented Timothy Taylor: Back 2 School (1st Period)"

Wise Intelligent
The Talented Timothy Taylor: Back 2 School (1st Period)
Shaman Work Recordings

The popular line these days is that rap fans have attention spans of about 15 minutes, and going by the gazillion fly-by-night MCs' graves dotting the landscape, it's an entirely valid observation. But the opposite view is also true—many artists, usually the ones who came up during the fourth wave of hip hop (1991-1996), have enjoyed not a modicum of staying power, due to their genuinely unique voices and to (gasp!) fan loyalty. Enter Wise Intelligent, formerly of Poor Righteous Teachers, a group that today seems downright impossible because of its blatant pro-Black Panthers message, but actually fits nicely in rap's under-mentioned Five Percenter tradition. Wise is a veteran, like Robert Horry—he may not have the name recognition of Nas or Ghostface, but he keeps adding rings to his fingers nonetheless.

The basic formula is simple. First, stick with the style that initially caught a buzz—but update it for the times. Here, Wise keeps his Das Efx-like rapid fire flow and riddim patois, along with heavy doses of empowerment. But though he used to rock African medallions, in 2007, he chooses to cloak his message in cautionary tales of drug deals gone wrong and government corruption (the soup-du-jour for gangstas and backpackers, respectively).

Next, know that thematic and sonic cohesion (here, poignant nostalgia for the soul-drenched pre-crack ghetto) make the difference between a collection of hot songs and a classic album. By surrounding himself with a handful of trusted producers (most notably Oh No, whose crispy fuzz is at once familiar and off-kilter), even when the music falters (rare, even with 18 songs), the larger structure is maintained. Lastly, it's the stance of humble assuredness that makes a veteran MC like Wise a champ every time out. Possessing twice the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding (not to mention talent) of its deaf, dumb, and blind contemporaries, Back 2 School shows instead of tells—the most important lesson of all. The result is one of the hottest releases this summer. Attention new jacks: It's no longer smart to be dumb! - Houston Press

"A Word to the Wise"

Wise Intelligents message is a simple yet powerful one To give your life so that the people can live is the greatest of all sacrifices. Many people have often said that Wise Intelligent would be just as effective as a full-time teacher, he says his plans for the next five years include some literary works and a few Internet ventures but teaching in the traditional since is not on the agenda, at least not for the next five years anyway.
Wise Intelligent

INTELLIGENTNEWZNENT...Wise Intelligent will be in Philly on Dec 4th & 6th!!!!!
INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY Wise Intelligent will be in Philly on Thursday December 4th at North by NorthWest in Germantown. He will be lending his support for..., 2008-12-02, 5:10:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY THE HEREAFTER MISSION STATEMENT...For more information about the HEREAFTER...You have to come out to our next show...It's NO LONGER Smart to be DUM..., 2008-11-29, 5:49:00

Check out this event: The HEREAFTER
Hosted By: WISE INTELLIGENT New Album IN STORES NOW!!! When: Saturday Dec 06, 2008 at 8:00 PMWhere Liquid Charm1207 Race StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19102United StatesDescription:WISE INTELLIGENT New Album..., 2008-11-23, 12:41:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET...Wise Intelligent & NYOIL Show in Philly on Nov. 13th
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INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY An Inconvenient Truth...DYING TO LEARN It's not news that Trenton's Public School district is and has been a dismal failure for at least th..., 2008-10-03, 2:34:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET...Wise Intelligent wants to open his own charter school!!!
INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY INTELLIGENT SCHOOLPeaceWhat up Family.Wise Intelligent is one step closer to opening up his own charter school in Trenton, New Jersey! I hope yo..., 2008-04-17, 0:22:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY INTELLIGENT FOLLOW-UP TO Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 Sermon Last week we sent out a bulletin breaking down our thoughts about the tho..., 2008-03-31, 2:51:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET...The Truth: An Un-American Idea
INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY The Truth: An Un-American Idea Yet they hearkened not unto me, nor inclined their ear, but hardened their neck: they did worse than their fath..., 2008-03-26, 0:03:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET...The Globe Holderz Video Clip
INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY Peace Check out this clip for The Globe Holderz from my Blessed be the Poor? album This video was put together by my man Capone from Detroit. ..., 2008-03-15, 1:56:00

INTELLIGENTNEWZNET...Professor Griff benefit show in Philly on March 16th
INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY Peace What's GOOD Family. On Sunday March 16th (9:00 pm) at Club Tritone on 1508 South Street in Philadelphia, PA, Wise Intelligent of Int..., 2008-03-02, 23:44:00

- Planet Hip Hop

"Wise Intelligent / Wisdom Still Intact"

Wise Intelligent is mostly known for being the front man for the Trenton, NJ group Poor Righteous Teachers. While that trio produced a string of classic releases, very few paid any attention to Wise when he went for self. On his third release, Wise drops knowledge again. What to expect is pretty much cut and dry if you've been a fan for a while and he doesn't disappoint. Joints like "Go With Me" and "I'm Him" are the standouts in my mind. There are also solid tracks like "G*nja Smugglin", "This Is Love", and "A Genocide" to be found throughout the album. My biggest fear was that he'd come across as washed up. A lot of my favorite rappers from the past are attempting comebacks and aren't doing so hot. Wise is the exception. He sounds as if he never took a break and he's still as sharp as ever, so there's no need to even worry about that.

There are a handful of tracks that fell under skip material for this listener. "Sensi Party" has a good theme, but it lacked a decent hook and somewhat uninteresting production. The same could be said about "Youths & Thugs". There aren't any wack tracks and the message that Wise has made a career out of spreading remains in tact. The problem for me is when some beats and rhymes don't mesh all that well. Otherwise, things are great. I'd have to say that out of 18 tracks (5 of the 23 are skits/interludes) at least 13 are worth checking out.

I can't speak for other listeners, but I was a little worried that Wise would trade in his razor sharp flow for something a little more contemporary and up to date (a lot of my old favorites that are making comebacks have done just that). Fear not, the flow is still in tact. Despite come dangerously close to crossing the line (even if only on one or two songs), he never actually crosses it. Whether you were a fan of Poor Righteous Teachers back in the 90's or even if this is your first time ever hearing him rhyme, I'm willing to bet that you'll end up loving it. I recommend adding this album to your music library.

Standout Tracks: This Is Love, Go With Me (My Favorite), Police Can Do, I'm Him, Still Black, G*nja Smugglin', and Another Chance @ Life - Amazon.com


Intelligent Muzik is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with independent sensation Shaman Work Recordings. They often say that when great minds get together even greater things are sure to follow, and this new and exciting partnership between Intelligent Muzik and Shaman Work will be no exception!

The first project that will be release from this union will be Wise Intelligent’s highly anticipated independent solo release “Wise Intelligent iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor” The album will be in stores on July 17th 2007…

The next single to be released from The Talented Timothy Taylor is the spectacular “I’m Him”. “I’m Him” is an undeniable testament that powerful music and intelligent rhymes are still the backbone and life blood of Hiphop culture. The Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty of this track hits you like a shotgun blast to your chest as soon as you hear the words … “Introducing the one and only…” The Talented Timothy Taylor has lyrically and sonically taken us deep into future by remaining true to the core principles upon which Hiphop culture was founded….

The track was produced by Masada and Wise Intelligent of HavKnotz Productions.

“I’m Him” smacks you right in the face and wakes you up to the reality that the rumors of Hiphop’s untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated…

Intelligent Muzik was founded in the spring of 2000 by Eugene “Gino” Stevens and Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers. Intelligent Muzik’s mission is to inject a pure and uncut dose of Intelligence, Talent, Unity, and Activism back into the bloodstream of Hiphop Culture and Rap Music. Intelligent Muzik will also maintain an ongoing campaign that employs cutting edge Hiphop music and culture to magnetize the youth toward positive attitudes and intelligent lifestyles. Wise Intelligent has declared that in 2007 and beyond that “It’s No Longer Smart to be DUMB!” The days of rhyming just for the sake of riddling are over, and since the people are crying out for music with some real power and substance Wise Intelligent is here to deliver. Wise’s message is very simple and straight to the point the God feels that the world would be a much better and safer place if the people would just listen to more INTELLIGENT MUZIK!

Shaman Work Recordings Shaman Work Recordings started as the brainchild of Divine Mind’s Chris “Rictor” Craft in the fall of 1999 while working towards a general science degree at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Shaman Work is one of several companies under the Crafted, LLC. umbrella, the direct result of a determined and restless entrepreneur attempting to make his mark in the music industry. The company began as one of several record labels under the Divine Mind network, a group that Craft founded with like-minded people he met during his studies at Morehouse College, including Lamar Gilliam who would later become co-owner of Shaman Work and Crafted, LLC. Shaman Work was officially launched in Summer of 2003 after gaining world wide distribution. Soon after John Robinson was named President of Shaman Work Recordings, Robinson aka Lil Sci is most known for his lead role in the world renowned underground Hip Hop crew Scienz of Life. Craft, Gilliam and Robinson also known as the “Triad” are definitely quickly becoming a force to keep an eye on within the independent music world. Shaman Work Recordings Ideas Manifested check us out online @ www.shamanwork.com

Intelligent Muzik is currently promoting: “Blessed be the Poor?” The UnMixtape

Shaman Work is currently promoting: CL Smooth ‘American Me’, John Robinson’s ‘The Leak Edition Vol. 2’, Wale Oyejide’s “Africahot!” & Scienz of Life’s “The Blaxploitation Sessions”

For more information on Wise Intellignet/Intelligent Muzik and Shaman Work please visit: www.myspace.com/wiseintelligent / www.intelligentmuzik.com www.myspace.com/shamanwork

For all booking, press copies, interviews, and features for Wise Intelligent please contact Born Free at bornfree9@hotmail.com (please include mailing and email address plus direct contact names) - Hip Hop Linguist


Holy Intellect
Released: March 16, 1990
Billboard 200 chart position: #142
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #17
Singles: "Time to Say Peace"/"Butt Naked Booty Bless", "Rock Dis Funky Joint",
"Holy Intellect"/"Self-Styled Wisdom"

Pure Poverty
Released: July 1, 1991
Billboard 200 chart position: #155
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #23
Singles: "Shakiyla (JRH)"/"Stricly Mash'ion", "Easy Star"

Black Business
Released: September 14, 1993
Billboard 200 chart position: #167
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #29
Singles: "Nobody Move"/"Da Rill Shit"

The New World Order
Released: October 1, 1996
Billboard 200 chart position: -
R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #57
Singles: "Word Iz Life"/"Dreadful Day", "Conscious Style"

MTV/BET Music Videos: Rock Dis Funky Joint, Holy Intellect, Shakiyla, Easy Star, Nobody Move, Steady Slangin', Word Iz Life

Studios: Epsilon NJ, Battery NY, Hit Factory NY, Interlude NY, Platinum Island NY, Chung King NY, Sigma PA, and others

Lectures: University of California @ Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brown University, Temple University, NYU, Carrera Young Executives Baltimore, Baltimore Youth Explosion, and others


"Holy Intellect is a sharp session, squarely in an Afrocentric groove, featuring dozens of intelligent lyrics on tracks like "Time to Say Peace," "Holy Intellect," and "Word From the Wise." Poor Righteous Teachers also illustrated they were capable of moving a party as well with "Rock Dis Funky Joint." - AMG Review

On the road Wise honed his writing skills in tour buses and hotel rooms while preparing Poor Righteous Teacher's 1992 sophomore effort "Pure Poverty" the record sold some 395k units and made PRT one of the most respected hip-hop groups in the country. The first video, "Shakiyla (JRH)" a sequel to Holy Intellects "Shakiyla" propelled the group to the forefront of hip-hops growing faction of conscious rap ambassadors.


"Rappers who take a strong moral stance were beginning to proliferate when the second Poor Righteous Teachers album came out, but this young trio had been "teaching the righteous way" since the beginning, combining hard, funky beats with culture-conscious didacticism. Their stated goal was to teach the poor to be emotionally, domestically and economically self-sufficient Wise Intelligent's lilting, reggae-influenced speed rap is especially fine, especially on the dancehall-inflected "Easy Star" and "I'm Comin' Again," an a cappella rap. There are occasional moments of self-contradiction, maybe even hypocrisy: though they solemnly preach respect for "the Black woman," they apparently see nothing wrong with using her orgasmic moans and groans to spice up a track or two. But the album's still a winner overall." ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

1993 with wise still writing profusely the group embarked on their 3rd LP' "Black Business" an ode to black businesses, and first European tour. The first single "Nobody Move" took PRT and Wise as a writer to another level in creativity and originality. The reggae influenced hip-hop track and song lyrics became the identifying mark of the Trenton trio. This originality and skill took this young songwriter from the low income housing projects in Trenton, NJ to the UK/Europe including London and Harlem, England, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Wuppertal and Fribourg, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland and Holland, Amsterdam.

BLACK BUSINESS Billboard Review

"The strength of the album Black Business is the way that positive philosophy is poetically delivered over bold, intense music. Rap has always been about lyrical skills. Over the years many different styles have developed but probably none as impressive or distinctive as the lyrical wizardry of Wise Intelligent. Blending a unique style of Jamaican chatting and rapid-fire poetry Wise delivers an unparalleled vocal assault." – Billboard

After touring Europe for two months Wise Intelligent and the group returned to Trenton for a much -deserved break. Yet, Wise being the committed songwriter and student of the business that he is, decided not to take the time off and launched an independent album on his own label "Slangspit Records." The solo effort was Wises' way of learning more about the inner-workings of the music industry. The solo debut "Killing U for Fun" was produced, written and arranged by Wise Intelligent and distributed by Ruff Nation/Columbia Records. This is where "the Teacher" became "a student" to become a greater teacher.

KILLING U (for fun) Harry Allen (hip-hop journalist)

"From the title one may be lead to believe that the album is a violent contradiction to the values PRT's lead man had made them famous for but "never judge a book by its cover." The title "Killing U, says Wise Intelligent is an effort to make poor people, namely poor blacks aware of the racial profiling, Rockefeller Drug laws and other official or unofficial pol



Wise Intelligent is the front man for the critically acclaimed and Legendary Hiphop trio known to the world as the “Poor Righteous Teachers”. PRT hail from and represent to the fullest Trenton New Jersey (New Jerusalem). They released five incredible albums throughout their illustrious career. Their groundbreaking first album Holy Intellect was released on Profile records in 1990 and introduced to the world one of the most unique and revolutionary sounds in Hiphop history. Their equally impressive follow up album Pure Poverty was released in 1991 and cemented their place as one of Hiphop’s most elite groups. Black Business (1993/Profile), New World Order (1996/Profile), and Declaration Of Independence (2001/Exit 7a Records) continued to build on PRT’s standard of lyrical excellence and commitment to raising the consciousness of poor people worldwide. Throughout all of PRT’s albums, they have espoused the virtues of righteousness (without being self-righteous) as embodied in the struggle of poor people around the world. Growing up in any ghetto in any country around the world is not an easy task. Urban decay, joblessness, homelessness, racism, drugs and death are just a few of the things that await the children of the world, and PRT has always stood on the front lines of that struggle. Poor Righteous Teachers have also been on numerous national and international tours. Now in 2007, Wise Intelligent is stepping back out on the front lines once again with an incredible new solo album that will undoubtedly raise the bar of lyrically integrity and change the game once again. Over the years many different styles have developed, and many different Mc’s/Rappers have come and go, but none as original, honest, or distinct as the lyrical wizardry and unforgettable delivery of Wise Intelligent. Blending a unique style of Jamaican chanting and rapid-fire poetry, Wise has always delivered an unparalleled vocal assault. As a diligent student of hip-hop pioneers such as Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, The Cold Crush Brothers, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions/KRS ONE, Eric B & Rakim, Brand Nubian, Ultramagnetic Mc’s, X-Clan, and an adolescent immersion (baptism) into the Caribbean dancehall, rockers, and reggae sounds of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Yellow Man, Eek-A-Mouse, Sista Nancy, Early B, and Josey Wales among others Wise Intelligent is in his own wordz became "Every MC" This New Jersey native (born + raised) representing Reb Brick City/DivineLand (Trenton, NJ) possesses all the attributes of a timeless warrior poet: insight, substance, skill, fortitude and most importantly integrity. "es Cuomo es Wise" Wise is what he is! Wise Intelligent Iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor will be released summer 2007. This powerful album will mark the moment when a True MC and Classic Hiphop Muzik will make it’s debut against the backdrop of the heavily marketed and marginally talented artist that have saturated the industry for far too long. With this new album Wise wants to take you on an intimate journey into not only the making of a legendary MC, but you’re going to get a glimpse of what went into making the man. Wise Intelligent’s message is a simple yet powerful one “The reason Hiphop is considered DEAD and the community is in a complete state of chaos and disorder is because WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO ENOUGH INTELLIGENT MUZIK!”. The God has declared that “It’s No Longer Smart to be Dumb!” and if you’re not ready to step up then it’s time for you to step down. So are you ready to go back to the time when talent determined who was the best MC? Well if you are then get ready to embrace and experience “The Talented Timothy Taylor”