The INterior Project

The INterior Project


Brooding indie folk backed with electronically sampled drums and percussion.


The Interior Project came about in the spring of 2008 in the greater metropolitan area of Detroit. Consisting of indie singer/songwriter Jamiel, and hip hop artist Dial81, the band seeks to create music out of a mutual respect of each others styles. Jamiel layers instruments, ranging from the bass to the accordion, and Dial81 completes the sound by manipulating live drum loops and using inventive production with the musical textures.


what could you do?

Written By: jamiel dado

hey, it started okay
the truth led astray
to where, i couldn't notice

you felt such abuse
and i felt it too
these days, i'm growing anxious

i ask you, what could you do?
i ask you, what could you do?
to find a way out again?

don't try to pretend
that fate is a friend
it rips, it tears, it gnashs


The Living Room Sessions