The Invisible

The Invisible

BandSpoken WordComedy

Dynamic "Hybrid Arts" performance troupe. (Music – With a mixture and variety of genres) (Writing – With a mixture and variety of genres) (Visual Art - Dance - Technology (i.e. graphic art, animation, etc.)


The (In) visible was first formed at the end of 2005 by a group of poets and musicians interested in finding and exploring new forms of expression. It has now expanded its vision to include a diverse range of art forms and presentations for the community at large.

With the growth of the (In) Visible, have come several smaller and larger presentations and performances. The most recent larger performance now in work is known as No Mans Land. The (In) Visible plans on continuing to use the arts to express different levels of art and social implications to the community.


Soundtrack - No Mans Land (2006). Available on Grasshoppa Records.

Set List

Our set list consists of spoken word poetry, dance and original compositions