The Invisible Afros

The Invisible Afros

 London, England, GBR

This is a sound combining of punk from such bands as th clash combining with moden rock/indie with lyrics describing what the lead singer Danny Stiff has witnessed growing up in East London


Formed in 2008 in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, unsigned London band, the Invisible Afros, have gradually expanded on an ever-growing sound that rises above the music of their contemporaries within the indie-rock music scene and beyond.

The band was the brainchild of singer/guitarist Daniel Lawlor (aka Danny Stiff) who in the summer of 2008 was looking to recruit members for his then-unnamed music project. His friend, Tony Jennings (Stony J), directed him to a prominent bass/drum duo, Mark Hunter (Markus James) and Mike Rouse (Bob) respectively and the line-up was completed with the addition of Stony J on guitar while Dan took up vocal duties.

With a full line-up, the band began carving out their parts for ska, indie and punk influenced songs that Dan had been writing since his college days and managed to book their first gig playing at a house party in Woodford, Essex. The band’s inexperience caught up with them though, resulting in a messier set than expected but plausible enough that the crowd enjoyed the performance. It was also among this incarnation that the band yielded their popular track ‘Loser’ that has sold consistently well on iTunes within its first month of availability.

Following the first show, Stony J decided that he wasn’t enjoying being in the band and left of his own accord, followed by Bob a fortnight later when it became apparent that he wasn’t playing the music that he preferred. With Markus opting to stay, the Afros quickly bounced back by recruiting drummer, Dave Clarke (D’viante), who was able to learn the band’s entire repertoire within a week. Dan made the transition to vocals/guitar in order to avoid a lengthy search for another guitarist and the trio began writing more songs.

With a new line-up and new songs, the Afros began searching for venues to play in 2009 that led to them playing a monthly Thursday set at the Cauliflower pub in Ilford, East London. It was also in 2009 that they recorded their first wave of songs that they began distributing at their live shows.

Over the next year, the band took part in band competitions, UK Unsigned and Surface Unsigned, and battled against various acts, though losing both via close margins. Importantly though, their music won over the crowds at both events and made new fans. It was at this point that the Afros began experimenting with different sounds, resulting in a departure from their previous ska and punk influences and an adaption to a more alternative rock sound. The band opted to play songs from both periods in order to maintain their popularity among their audience while also branching off onto new sound aspects. This contributed to their ever-growing varied and unpredictable sounding song roster.

With plenty more energy left in them and aiming to record their first full-length album, the Invisible Afros are ready to make their mark on London’s indie music scene.



Written By: Daniel Lawlor

Verse 1
No I don't wanna dance
And no I don't wanna talk
Everybody's looking at me
But oh no they're staring at you

But oh I am a loser
I am a loser for you 2x

verse 2
I am not an intellect
Wit has never paid the bills
Everybody's looking at
but i don't care what they say

but oh I am a loser etc..

Everbody's looking but I ain't got no style-ism

but oh...etc x2


Loser: Single Itunes