The Invisible Cities

The Invisible Cities


Yo La Tengo + Paul Simon + Aimee Mann



Watertown - 2004

Songs on Compilations
Regret (by New Order)
Oh Yeah (on SOMA FM's Music Sampler CD)

All Watertown tracks are played on SOMA FM and WOXY online stations.

Watertown streams for free at

Set List

Sets are usually 45 minutes, with about 12 songs.

A Typical Set List:
1) Birthday
2) Pigeon (on upcoming CD)
3) Only Reason (on upcoming CD)
4) Shooting Star
5) Corpus Callosum (on upcoming CD)
6) Saints (on upcoming CD)
7) Lost in Translation
8) Soupy (title in progress, on upcoming CD)
9) Watertown
10) Tentacle
11) Everybody Sits Around The Table (on upcoming CD)
12) Tube Song (on upcoming CD)

Typical Covers:
Only Living Boy in NY (Simon & Garfunkel)
Tore Me Down (Flamin' Groovies, ala Yo La Tengo's cover of it)