The Invisible World

The Invisible World

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Kansas City - Alt Rock -


“The band, once known as A Dead Giveaway, is back with a brand-new EP titled Welcome to the Invisible World, and it's a smooth, assured effort from a group that finally seems to have it figured out. “ - Natalie Gallagher - The Pitch

The Invisible World is a four-piece alternative rock band from Kansas City Missouri. Jesse Collins, Brandon Woodall, Bryce Veazey and Jon Gibbens created The Invisible World to explore a new genre after departing with a former project. Since establishing in early 2012, the band has self-released 2 EPs and a crowd funded Music video. “Welcome to The Invisible World”, the most recent release - is 5 songs of the band’s best to date. Working with close friend and producer Jason Scott Smith, The Invisible World planted the beginnings of what is now becoming a genre spanning and confident sound.  In under a year the EP has seen expanding radio placements across the United States, while also gaining licensing options in other media outlets.

“Big time guitar chops, great vocals, and nice songwriting is what 'Welcome To The Invisible World' is all about.” - Shaine Freeman - I Am Entertainment

“What results is an EP full of tight instrumentals, strong vocals and songs packed with imagery. The tracks are radio ready affairs that are reminiscent of bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Band of Horses. This is a must have. Stream and buy.” - Floorshime Zipper Boots

Also landing the band on the bill with national artist such as Robert Francis, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Caught a Ghost, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lake, and Papa.

As a project, The Invisible World is not limited to just music. A self-produced and crow-funded short film for their song “Cars ” became an official selection for the 2014 Interfilm Berlin Film Festival. The band has also lent efforts in the creation of an independent documentary about a friend and former manager named Jesse “Opie” Ross, whose disappearance from Chicago in 2006 remains unsolved.  

Wasting no time, the band is currently underway on a new album, expected for release in mid 2015. The Invisible World is a venture into the intangible; an attempt to capture the scenes that cannot be seen.




"Welcome to The Invisible World" - 2014

-1- Welcome to The Invisible World

-2- Jeans

-3- Wandering Man

-4- Better Man

-5- Maybe

-6- Cars

Basement Demos EP - 2013

1- Cars

2- Joliet 

3- Wandering Man