The Invitational

The Invitational


Traditional 3-piece, multi-volume indie combining a crisp acoustic tone with often powerful distortion and cavernous synths.


The three of us have been playing music together for eight years, starting out in punk bands and evolving into what we are today, drawing from much wider influences from folk to post-modern. We are a trio that strives to sound like more than three.


We have one self-titled EP that consists of 5 songs released in 2003. We have released several singles at shows over the last two years, covering about 5 songs. All releases having an extremely limited pressing.

Set List

Our most common set:

1. Splitting the Different
2. Divide by Alone
3. Highly Effective Ineffectiveness
4. Quite Sterling
5. Everything is Normerating Opally
6. Large Enclave
7. As You Walk Outside the Door

Our set lasts around 40-50 minutes, but we are flexible and we have more material to add if necessary. We do not play any covers at this time.