The iOs

The iOs


Analog and digital come together along with boy/girl vocals to form the next generation of indie pop!


None of us has gotten over summer camp. For the iOs founding members Chris Punsalan and Autumn Proemm, band camps reach is long. The world of sing-alongs and first kisses inspired their wistful and hilarious tune Summer Camp, and, more significantly, the bands musical bridge between the girls side of the lake and the boys.

The iOs, whose names refers to the interplay of ones and zeros of the digital age, turn out catchy pop music that balances shimmering synth sounds of Proemms keyboard and voice with forceful guitar and vocals from Punsalan. Before they came together personally and professionally, Punsalan learned guitar from his father in the Philippines. Meanwhile, in upstate New York, Proemm cut her musical teeth on clarinet and piano. After forming the band in 2005, they enlisted experienced bass player CJ Amodeo, to add color to the chord progressions. California-born Chris Brocco came on board as the resident Renaissance man, moving from drums to guitar to keyboards and back to guitar again. The current configuration, including Paul Mauceris powerful, precise drumming, has won the admiration of the Village Voice, pairing their bright synth washes with skuzzy guitars to catchy effect, and fans from San Francisco and Los Angeles to New York. Acknowledging the bands 80s era influence and its male/female rapport, the New York Press termed them a lush, new-wave, indie-pop, boy-girl group.


-Victory by Attrition: LP - Kanine Records (Spring 08)

-In Sunday Songs: LP - Kanine Records (May 2006)

-Center and Stop: 5-song EP – Self-Released. June 3, 2004.