the irelands

the irelands


Young, with a gritty yet melodic blend of roots, country and blues, a family band from a long line of salty Canadian musicians.


The Irelands

First impressions? What we see.
They look like well-dressed hillbillies from the 30’s. You know… a band you’d expect in some backwoods honky-tonk that Bonnie and Clyde might be holed up in. You get the picture.

Next impression? What we hear.
Pure acoustic-driven Roots Country Blues and "new grass". They are gritty and edgy, organic and unprocessed, passionate and dedicated. What more do you want?

Springing Up from their Roots
The Irelands are comprised of close family: brothers Dylan and Daniel, a dedicated friend, “who is like a brother’’, Liam Wilson on Bass and Chris Horsefield on Drums and percussion. The Irelands were weaned on music. Dylan, Daniel grew up watching their fathers on stage with “The Swamp Band”, a band which began in the sixties and has continued to its present day incarnation .
Natural on stage, as though they were born to it, they offer a genuine respect and gratefulness for their audiences and a great love of music.

Daniel and Dylan trade up the lead vocal spot and share the instrumentation. Daniel and Dylan both play acoustic guitar and Liam, well, he is quite content to play acoustic or electric bass. Their sound is an eclectic mix of feels and stories but they all share a common thread – Roots. Music is in their roots and roots is in their music.

Both Irelands write for the project, offering a unique blend and variety not often seen on stage. They hail from Ontario’s Northumberland County and have been wowing audiences in that region all this past year, as well as winning a regional talent contest and receiving a coveted spot on stage at Havelock Jamboree in August . From that exposure they were offered a showcase spot at OCPFA in Cambridge for their semi annual awards this past November. Conference organizers, impressed with their unique sound, have already offered future dates to The Irelands. Touring and recording plans are well underway so expect to hear their name a great deal in the coming year. These guys are young and determined and are well on their way up...up from their roots.


In the works... The Irelands are planning on heading back into the studio to lay down more tracks, and are applying for a showcase to perform at the CCMA conference in Calgary in Sept. They have a few dates lined up, including an opening spot for Charlie Major in July 05.

Set List

The Irelands have a University appeal as well as the older teen /young adult audiences at folk or country music festivals. Their show is mostly original with a few old rock and roll, blues and country standards thrown in the works. Musical influences are : The Band, Neil Young, Jimmy Rogers and Hank Williams Sr.