The Iricals

The Iricals



The IRICALS are a US based vocal harmony
reggae group conceived by vocalist and
founder Rhedda J. They currently reside and
work in Miami, FL

Their songs reflect a bold conscious-
ness projected from the difficult times in
today’s world and represent a strong, unified
presence as artists for social change.

The IRICALS trio sound delivers an
enchantingly smooth flavor and has been
compared to some of the great names in
reggae. The main influence of the trio’s
sound comes from the sweet three-part
harmonies produced in Jamaican reggae
music of the 1960s and 70s from such
groups as the Heptones, The Mighty
Diamonds, The Congos, and The Wailers.

The current lineup of the group includes
Rhedda J and the the wonderful sister vocalists,
Nikomo Peartree and Melody Fakhourie. Both
are residents of South Florida and have joined
the group in 2012

The IRICALS’ emergence represents a revival
of a classic sound among the world-class
spectrum of talent in the world music and
reggae scene today.

Their latest performance repertoire
includes great original material
plus some classic covers from within
the genre.

The IRICALS perform whole and partial set
engagements for private functions, benefits,
cultural events, etc., as well as opening for
major performance artists.

Rhedda J,
Together they are The Iricals


Gangsters Convention

Written By: Rhedda J

gangsters convention
you’ll never hear them talkin bout real progress
I know it’s a matter of fact the few gettin more the majority dem get less
In councils they chattin who’s gonna do it, bring any solutions?
only one that i know of, solution overdue –
if you were weak now you gotta be strong!

cause everytimay talk and a shake hand
all we gonna get is more blood pon the land thiefers - cheaters
and everytimay get pon a mic and a chat– million “have nots” get a knife in the back cheaters - bleeders

while this hand me down system
make recyclable victims
you taking position
on another corrupted mission
cold steel,
back-room deals,
aint got no love,
stone heart - nah feel

oolay oolay you jus do it again –
and we bu-rnin’-to-say
so tired of this - same same same old line– always talkin again
oolay oolay just like the sunshine –
right up there everyday
big circle comin round just like -
how they talkin up all over again

run the rhetoric of dominant aggression
then you comin right behind it with a “peace plan”
Raiders, traitors
Rastafari lay them out no apology
drop em like a triple thunder kick from mista Bruce Lee
mongers and killers
who would believe you when you talkin again?
turns out you nobody, nobody's friend
build industrial prisons
still you want me to listen
to lots of big talkin,
must be on devils mission!

oolay oolay, do it again you jus –
and we bu-rnin’-to-say –
so tired of this - same old same but I know – pretty soon they will be comin' again
oolay oolay, zippa doo dah yay
same old same, it’s just another day
“change” in big letter,
slogan and poster
then shoof went the launcher, i guess action speak louder…..

gangsters from morning
you know their story when your little - turn to nothin
what a plot dem a keep then continue to speak, they are the problem
a big suit always talkin but none of them do bring any solutions
only one, it’s a world wide priority to declare – give help to the weak if you’re strong - one more
gangster like louse
all kind of almshouse and fighting - against progress
I know it’s a matter of fact the few gettin more, manyjority get all distress
the whole bag of them - keep talking and talkin and talkin and now -