The Iris

The Iris

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

We are loud, chaotic, destructive while at the same time possess the ability to be beautiful and serene. One dimentional we are not. Our strength comes from our pursuit of music in any form, not mentally limiting ourselves for the sake of "genre".


An exotic display of passion like none other. The Iris weaves a sound that screams angelically between the tormented and the divine.
It's like a puzzle. We neither exemplify nor betray visions of love, lust, or any other act or emotion represented through daily living. We see through the eyes we're given, distorted and beautiful. A quiet spectrum between the sick and lovely, the music itself awaits any and all interpretation, spit, and admiration.

Are you satisfied?


LP - The Vanity Fair - Feb. 2007
Single - Mother's Milk/Spunkmouth - Jan. 2009
Single - Neon Noire Vol. I - Jul. 2011
Single - Neon Noire Vol. II - Aug. 2011

Set List

Up to an hours worth of music, all original. No covers.