Their Majesties

Their Majesties


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Lands Where Tales Are Tall
(Released Sept 9, 2006 - Just Friends)

"one of the top albums of the year (...) expertly blends retro-sounding pop with a modern sensibility, and it's extremely easy to imagine that if Their Majesties hailed from Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, they'd be everywhere." - I Heart Music

"All of the rock critic adjectives apply: "catchy, infectious, hooky". Most of all, this band was entertaining. Something that a lot of bands forsake. " -CBC radio 3 (Craig Norris)

"Kings of Pop" - The Chronicle Herald

"This album brims with a boisterous sense of fun, a bratty sense of humour, a clever and fresh point of view, and adept musicianship." - The Coast

"...everything here is ridiculously catchy." - I heart Music

THEIR MAJESTIES they call themselves, and the bees knees, they's is. They used to go by The Porcelain Gods, and wouldn't you know they garnered national attention in late 2004 with their hit EP 'Emergency Band Meeting'. It ran up the campus charts like a flaming chipmunk, gaining top 5 status at several stations, and gained them a few fans. The lads tightened their belts and slung their packed lunches over their shoulders, bought a shiny red touring vehicle from the local fire department, and took their travellin' menagerie half way across the fine country of Canada, causing all sorts of people to rave mad about their "explosive display of indie-rock power" (J. Lapointe) and "much needed dose[s] of intelligent songwriting and steady hooks" (Exclaim Magazine).

That was all well and good, but ya can't coast on a 3 song ep forever! So what do you know? The lads hunkered down in an underground bunker/studio, and recorded an album "built on the complexities of a multi-songwriter band and a wide array of influences, [that] never forgets how to rock" (The Coast). "LANDS WHERE TALES ARE TALL" they calls it. Filled with songs of yearning and escapism, disguised as clever pop-rock tunes, the album was released to rave reviews.

Listen in awe, as the trio of Andrew Erskine, Brian O'Reilly, and Daniel Girard launch a rotating attack of guitars, keyboards and vocals, while Niall Skinner's artful beating of the drum skins is set alongside the creative bass lines of Panos Giannoulis. The results: a sound that blends the youthful exuberance of Supergrass, cleverness reminiscent of the Kinks, driving guitars, classically-influenced piano, and, like a sweet cherry topping a chocolate-vanilla sundae, a rhythm section at times as nimble and intuitive as early-era Police.

There you have it, burn your old 45s and lock up your daughters, throw "LANDS WHERE TALES ARE TALL" by Their Majesties in your disc player and take a trip far, far away.




Lands Where Tales Are Tall (Just Friends Records, 2006)
Emergency Band Meeting EP (Independent, 2004)

'Lands Where Tales Are Tall' Canadian Campus Chartings (available from

Station/Location - Charting
CKDU, Halifax NS - No. 1
CFUR, Prince George BC - No. 7
CHMA, Sackville NB - No. 4
CFRU, Guelph ON - No. 15
CFMH, Saint John NB - No. 3
CIUT, Toronto ON - No. 14
CFBU, St. Catherine's On - No. 10
CFBX, Kamloops BC - No. 9
CHRW, London ON - No. 9
Earshop Top 50 National Airplay Charts - No. 9

The 'Emergency Band Meeting' tracks have received airplay on the following stations:
Q104, Halifax, NS
C100, Halifax, NS
CKDU, Halifax, NS (charted #2)
CKBW, Bridgewater, NS
CAPR, Sydney, NS
CHMA, Sackville, NB (#2)
CFRU, Guelph, ON
CFBX, Kamloops, BC (#25)
Earshot, Canada wide campus charts (#91)

Set List

Shoe/String Divider
The Judicial System
Fire Island Unchaperoned
Emergency Band Meeting
Bottle Rocket
Sweet Sweet Thunder
Solid Gold
Dinner at Six

Medical Research
Everybody's Doing It
One of Those Days
David Watts (Kinks Cover)