The Iron Giants

The Iron Giants


The songs alternate between piano and guitar, my lead vocals and those of Nick Box. The result is a balance of agressive and brooding songs which are neither mine nor his, but a rather bizarre result of a seemless, functional cooperation of two minds, talents, and preferences.


The Iron Giants began by accident. I was going to be a novelist/teacher and Nick was going to be a psychologist who played the guitar. When some recording equipment fell into our hands, we thought it as an interesting summer activity. Having only a handful of songs, we sat down and completed a recording of Kid Rain. Nick's mom cried when she heard it, and I suppose that's where we first seriously considered that we could be good at this.
As for our influences, I would think that my appreciation for good lyrics comes from Stephan Jenkins and Ben Gibbard, both of whom made me realize that the difference between a song you like and a song you love is the written word behind the performance. I would say my piano composition is an attempt at Ben Folds that falls short somewhere around Chris Martin.
Nick's preferences are similar, but his influences are way different. He takes a lot from Nickel Creek and John Mayer for his acoustic guitar; his piano style seems to be an adaptation of his classical training towards a more consistent, modern pop sound.
None of this, however, may be enough to explain us. A simple description is that we are a pop band for adults, and that we produce likeable and rememberable songs that come from our hearts, and that we will and would continue to do this regardless of personal benefit.


Kid Rain

Written By: The Iron Giants

Rain, rain, came again,
beating on my jungle gym,
drops descending miles to reach me
waiting, breathing,
trying to just stay dry.

Walk home, all alone,
water seeping through my clothes.
Wish that you were here beside me.
Tail lights, dying,
diving behind that hill.

They blame me
They blame me for everything and
I must leave.

Midnight, yesterday,
watched him drive his car away.
Dad says he'll come crawling back here.
Sharpie darkly,
words there, just for me.

Don't wait up for me
I've gone to California.
Maybe, in ten years,
if we're older...
I'll find you someday.

I'm packing my bags.
I'm taking my dinosaurs,
my TalkBoy Radio.
I'm going away for a while, Mom.
I'll find him in a few days.

I'll call from the road,
if I can find a phone.
I'll need some quarters for that.
I'll have to move fast.
I've got my compass, and
I'm heading West.

They blame me
They blame me
but what do I know
I could not follow
I was not allowed
Oh, clouds, I say,
"Rain, rain, follow, if you can
carry him home."


Written By: The Iron Giants

Every time you call
you defibrillate my heart,
giving us a beat
we weren't meant to have.

I want to stay alive
but every time you try
I die
and little piece breaks off
from my last hope.

Maybe the best is over
Maybe the best is yet to come
Maybe we both have
overcompensated for each
other's glaring faults
and lack of love

Peace enough for all
is a mutual advantage
very different from
the times we were a pair.
Featured in my life were
constant battles and surrenders
that resulted in
a parting armistice.

Maybe we can't change a thing.
Maybe we weren't meant to part.
Maybe we both have
aimed our deadly weapons
at each other, cannot
set them back safe.

She said, "Clear!"
and then she pushed my friends away.
She said, "No,
don't you die on me today!"

The end is still the same
we delete the other's name
and make promises
to never try again.
But as long as you and I
consistently deny
our common weakness
we will never come undone.

Set List

Iron Giants Set List

1. Trying The Night Alone
2. Defibrillator
3. Kid Rain
4. Bravely By Your Side
5. Relativity
6. Supervillain Redemption
7. Blue Wire
8. Evil Girl
9. L.A.U.R.A.

1. Coldplay - Clocks
2. Coldplay - The Scientist
3. Ben Folds - Army
4. Ben Folds - The Luckiest
5. Elton John - Tiny Dancer
6. U2 - Streets Have No Name
7. Death Cab for Cutie - Forbidden Love (405)
8. Third Eye Blind - God of Wine