the iron sea

the iron sea


Our music is a blend of alternative melody and experimental originality. We feel that we are a truly unique band who has lots to offer to the local/national music scene. All you have to do is listen.


The Iron Sea began when Aaron Martin and Caleb Jones were sophomores in high school. A few years later the friendship quickly turned into a musical brotherhood, as the duo was joined by Alex Ward, Sam Burgess, and Nick Matt. The band has since then recorded an E.p., began intensive work on their first L.p., and molded what was once just an idea into the unique sound that is The Iron Sea.


E.p.-A Glass Menagerie And The Pursuit Of True Happiness:

1. This Is London
2. Find The Children
3. The Medicine Man
4. The Archetype
5. His Immunity To Death

Upcoming Full Length Album-A Captain's Guide:
(written songs)
1. The Waypoint
2. Negrodamis
3. Isis
4. The Wrath Of Morana Gunter
5. Castles
6. Bicurious George
7. Something To Keep The Cold Out
8. The Ghostown

Set List

We usually play about seven songs. A few of them are from the E.p., but most are from the upcoming album. The set goes as follows:

1. Negrodamis
2. Bicurious George
3. The Medicine Man
4. Isis
5. Castles
6. The Wrath Of Morana Gunter
7. Find The Children