Their Teeth will be of lions
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Their Teeth will be of lions

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"Dark Indie/Dance music. Though more mature then their last release still keeps their quirkiness" - CD BABY


Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions
Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions from Kalamazoo, MI started the scene saver call funcore. With their debut release of "Everyone Made It Out Alive...Almost!" Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions showed that by creating a unique sound and mixing genres they can create something that everyone, no matter what genre they prefer, can enjoy.

With their latest release coming in May, TTWBOL takes a more serious look at their music and after going through life changes as a band they show their maturity in this EP entitled "The Death, Reincarnation, and Unfamiliar Tales Of: Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions."

Location: Kalamazoo, MI United States - Interpunk

"Recoil Magazine"

February 2009

The musically ADHD septet Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions has made good use of this EP as a transitional tell-all for the tumultuous past year of their lives together. Sectioned into the three titular parts, with two songs making up each, the EP sheds some of the sillier elements of the band’s sound found on last year’s fun-filled full-length, Everyone Made It Out Alive… Almost!, in favor of a braver new sound still rife with raucous randomness. Vocalist Glenn Michael Willis screams and yelps with wild abandon, but now also sings so softly sweet (particularly on the closing of “I Went To Minnesota And All I Got Was This Knife In My Back!!”) that it hardly sounds like the same malleable vocal chords that are also capable of flying from manic highs to crushing lows. Paired with new female vocalist Jay, the dual lead singers also go darker, with the accomplished accompaniment of keyboardist Andrew, on the epic and ironic “Movers and Shakers.” Throughout the EP guitarist Derek Feltner gives the release his signature touch, stabbing and interjecting notes into the vocal dynamics and ever changing rhythms. Joined by new guitarist Lindy Thompson, formerly of Salmon;Beastman, he rips out an inescapable, rockabilly-referencing riff on the EP’s best track, “Trace The Mona Lisa and Call Yourself An Artist.” Look for the EP at TTWBOL’s release shows March 6 at the Mixtape Café and March 7 at Papa Petes in Kalamazoo.

— Eric Mitts - Recoil Magazine


February 5, 2009

Their music is as unconventional as their name. Just when your musical expectations are set, the seven members of Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions will prove you wrong.

The Death...The Reincarnation...The Unfamiliar Tales Of: Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions is their multifaceted EP featuring six songs of "Bohemian Rhapsody" nature; like listening to three different songs in one.

"Bathroom at the Yates Inn," the first track, starts out with a vintage feel, then transitions into quirky indie pop with a nice balance of male and female vocals. Right before the song gets a little too poppy, it slows down while stating bluntly, "I'm going to dance with the devil/shake hands with the angels."

For rock enthusiasts, check out "We Plunge Our Hands Deep into the Sand." This song provides the perfect recipe for rock with the not too long, nor too short three minute 40 second length, harsh guitars and angry vocals. Turn up the volume for this one.

For the opportunity to hear more layers of rock from TTWBOL, check out their CD release show coming March 6 at Mixtape Cafe and March 7 at Papa Pete's in Kalamazoo.
- Revue


Everyone Made it out Alive...Almost (2008)

The Death... The Reincarnation... and Unfamiliar Tales of:"(2009)



Their Teeth will be of Lions formed April of 2007, a brainchild of its founding members Glennerd, Derek, and Bass Adam, a plan to write music from a non traditional approach. Over the past 2 years the band has pushed to play as many shows as they can. Along their journey they have partnered up Truth and Justice Records out of Mt. Pleasant, Mi. Has formed a now 7 member line up, where each member is required to produce their sound. TTWBOL has one full length release “Everyone Made it out ...Almost" unveiled in February of 2008 followed by "The Death...The Reincarnation...and Unfamiliar tales of:” an EP released in March of 2009. Currently TTWBOL is in the studio in Grand Rapids, Mi with Studiotte, recording its most recent album, "True Stories are Hard to Make Up." The album is expected to be released in February of 2010, and will be available on 12’ vinyl as well as CD.