The Issue

The Issue


The Issue - two female musicians who are passionate & dedicated to their music. Vocalist Amelia Hone sings emotionally charged melodies & creative harmonies. Kira Montfort adds her unique sense of rhythm on guitar & keyboard. They make music to express them selves & reach others. This is The Issue!


The Issue consists of two female musicians who have been writing music together since grade school. They are passionate and dedicated to all realms of music. Amelia Hone (a blues vocalist at heart) brings her emotionally charged melodies to the table along with creative and aurally pleasing harmonies. Kira Montfort (primarily a drummer) adds to that her unique sense of rhythm on the guitar and keyboard, contrasting her counterpart's soothing vocal lines. Together they make music to express their views and emotions and hopefully, reach others as well. We are The Issue.


We Are The Issue EP:
1. Sunrise
2. A Twist In My Shout
3. Runnin
4. Dumpsta Remix

Set List

The average set consists of a blend of original and cover pieces.
Original songs include:
My Love For Napping Is Keeping Me Awake
A Twist In My Shout
Dumpsta Remix
and more on the way!

Covers range from but are not limited to:
The Beatles
Damien Rice
Ben E. King
Eagle Eyed Cherry
Jason Mraz

Set times range from 20-60 minutes.