The istics

The istics

 Austin, Texas, USA

Loud, noisy, lo-fi post-garage rock, with vocals that are mixture of Cave, Albini, and Curtis in content and sound. The riffs are all written on bass, with unique distortions created by dissident effects and feedback. The drums are heavy yet quick (Crover meets Shelly). In short, we fucking rock.


The istics are a 2-piece rock combo from Arlington, Tx. with Matt Clements on bass/vocals, and Justin Guidry on the drums/vocals. They are now located in Austin, Tx.

The istics combine heavy beats, fuzzy riffs and honest lyrics.

They have played venues all over DFW since 2007 including The Aardvark, The Ridglea Theatre, The Prophet Bar, 1919 Hemphill, Curtain Club, Liquid Lounge, The Cavern, Dreamworld, AJ's Honky Tonk, Club Dada, and someplace on the side of Hwy. 820 West.

They want to rock your stage!

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We want people to feel the same passion and love for music and from music that we do. We play to make ourselves feel, and hope that we can make others feel too. There are certain situations, happenings, or feelings that don’t get a lot of songs written about them and songs being the poetry and prose of our generation, we hope to throw light on these situations and make something beautiful and truthful out of them through song. Live, we like to put all of ourselves into what we are doing, and strive to help people feel anything for the time that they are listening to or watching us.


Rusty Hands

Written By: Matt Clements

He was born to a man with rusty hands
And a mama red-faced from work
He stood on his own in his second year
He was out politikin in his third
And the trail held lots of promises and bells
He was fightin for men like his pa
Until the cashstacks out numbered ideas
And he started to agree with the law

His daddy used to be an honest man
Came from the dirt and rose up to the sky
He gave his boy everything he dreamed
So that he never had to learn to survive
But he didnt know it’d cripple him in the end
Be drunk drugged done in twenty years time
He lost his mind it got tye-dyed
With a cradle rockin by his side

Now the fourth in line he had a hell of a time
Making up for who his daddy was
The middle man for a father and son
So he never got to be either one
But he studied up on his church and his state
With every shook hand inflated his hate
But he never fell or lost his fate
Cause he knew this generation could be...saved

Hospice Care

Written By: Matt Clements

It’s cold in Oklahoma, and it’s hard labor in that bed
His eyes can’t see the ceiling, but they won’t say that he’s dead
But he left here last week, at least the him that’s in his head
So we say goodbye to the body, left in the blankets

I wear this face of pain, so everyone knows how I feel
These tears they wet my eyes, my mouth I wish they could be real
And I just want you to know, that you are you still
And you can show me your grip anytime

She doesn’t do without him, but she’s driving again
She don’t lift her fork no more, unless it’s for one of them
She gets alot of help these days from her friends and from his gin
But she really just wants to be left alone
Thats why she calls everyday just to say hello

I’ll never see you again, except for everytime I close my eyes


Written By: Matt Clements

Well lately Ive been satisfied
But maybe Ive just given up
Im sick of watching a paycheck stretch
Im tired of staring at an empty cup

No more, wop, wop, wop, wop
No more empty cup
No more ah,ah,ah,ah
No more sleep for dinner

Ive got a target on my back
Im just an honest man
No agenda, reticence, pretense, no plan
People try and trick this spineless sack
They talk over this quiet man

No more wop,wop,wop,wop
No more spineless sack
No more ah, ah, ah, ah
No more sitting on a shelf

Modern Living

Written By: Matt Clements

Where did our women go
Where did our women go
Where did our women go
And leave these skinny girls to tend to our homes
Little Iza dont eat
Little Iza dont think
Little Iza dont have needs
She just wants to be pretty like her mommy

Where did all the men go
Where did all our men go
Where did all the men go
And leave these tricky boys to tend to our homes
Billy swears he dont cheat
Billy swears he dont beat
But the moment he dont eat
Billy seems to get forgetful of his promises

Where did our families go
Where did happy families go
Where did white picket go
and leave these fractured lives to live in our homes
Has is it always been this way
WIll it always be this way
Who do I think I am to say
anything has even changed

Where did our women go
Where did our women go
Where did our women go
And leave these skinny girls to tend to our homes
Where did all the men go
Where did all our men go
Where did all the men go
And leave these tricky boys to tend to our homes

Choked and Stuffed

Written By: Matt Clements

The limitless land of our fathers
Has been choked & stuffed
And the sky is next

What once was land will be ocean
And instead of ocean
There will only be
Fields of blood

No man's death will be postponed
We'll be standing in line
Everyone's God is a ticking clock
All men must adhere to time


Written By: The istics

We move on instinct and we prey on the weak
our bodies are empty, empty shells of who we used to be

You can not fix us, we're beyond repair
you can not fix this, its beyond, we're beyond repair

She cant fight off the helpless after she cums
and she makes up a reason whys she game at all
the same mistake circle, take her back to there
think back, spray light on a family affair.

He can't hide the guilt when he looks in her eyes
and that thing he did, it fucked something inside
you don't know what goes on behind closed door
you just wait, hope, and pray it doesn't happen anymore.

You can not fix us, we're beyond repair
you can not fix this, its beyond, we're beyond repair

Lets make a baby

Written By: Matt Clements

You're broke
I'm broke
Fuck it lets make a baby
He'll keep us up late at night hollerin'
And when that new car smell starts fadin'
We'll knock on the church doors and show him how much we love him

The way that we're livin'
Yeah, you know we're crazy
Or maybe our judgements in a cloud
The future is startin' to look hazy
Well it must be all the smoke in this house

What makes a man nowadays

Written By: Matt Clements

What makes a man nowadays
Is he headstrong
Is he never wrong when he puts you in your place
Does he ask forgiveness before he walks away

I provide for my woman
And in the night make her moan
But in her eyes I can see she's all alone
Her hands aren't tied
Should I make her go away

I support my country
And spend my hard-earned wage
While our moneys melting away
With six days of work and hardly one left to play
What makes a man nowadays

The Lizard

Written By: Matt Clements

Sonny died on the causeway
After living tow hours of life
Sonny didn't like when his sister called
Didn't like it when she called crying at night
Sonny had a father got gunned down
Gunned down right in his brother's eyes
Sonny's brother took sides against the family
He'll never take sides against the family again

We don't need to be on TV to be special
Live the lives we see played out in our eyes every night
We don't need the attention and mindless love
Our own realities can still satiate us can still

Odd Petals

Written By: Matt Clements

Hey I know she loves me
She loves me not
I pick a 3 5 7 petal flower so I get what I want
Hey don't she move precise
Ain't she calculating
Every tick tick tick leave me waiting


Black Leather and Gold Demo-2007

Set List

Black Leather and Gold
The Lizard
Odd Petals
Not What you need
Hospice Care
Kill em' All
Choked and Stuffed
Rusty Hands
A place to Call home
Little Ada

Sets can range from 30 minutes to an hour.