The Itch

The Itch


Groove Rock. Like Sly and the Family Stone songs played by members of Sublime and the Black Crowes.


The Itch is that feeling you get when a special cutie walks by. It’s when you need to dance because you’ve got ants in your pants. That strong urge is the impetus behind the formation of The Itch.
Armed with a bank of catchy, danceable tunes, Rich Weiss caught the itch to play these songs for audiences sometime in late 2003. With influences ranging from funk to zydeco, their songs draw from artists like Sly and the Family Stone, Sublime and the Black Crowes.
Blending his voice with Dan Dougert’s thunderous drumbeats, Peter Archer’s bumpin’ basslines, Chris Farrell’s frenetic guitarwork, and Rafael Carrasquillo’s limitless palette on keys, The Itch’s only mission is to make you groove.

Set List

Most songs are original. Here are a few titles:
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Road to Ruin
Bait and Switch
Ants in My Pants

but if we do covers, here are a few faves:
Get Up (Sex Machine)-James Brown
Stand-Sly and the Family Stone
The Stroke-Billy Squier