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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review - "Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse""

"WOW! Could music get any worse? I did not think so until I heard the I.Z.A. Come on! Learn to play before making sort of attempt to record music. Don't give me attitude either. No need to tell me I am gonna hate your music before I listen to it. But of course I did, because it displays no talent whatsoever. It's like they picked up the guitar, played three random chords, and called it a song. Then they spent some cash and recorded the music and then somehow it came into my hands and almost deafened me with its awful tastelessness creativity. I suggest leaving Boston before you ruin the music scene with your apocalyptic taste in music. Take ten years of lessons and maybe you will be able to play good enough to be considered a musician. But of course you will never be able to write a song because you have your head so far up your ass to see any sort of color pattern in music."

- Leonid
- The Noise Magazine 11/08

""Life in a Post-Apocalyptic world...""

"The I.Z.A. - Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

I found this band on OFNR which is an internet based radio station. Since I started writing here on Current I am picking up a lot of radio stations as followers on myspace and twitter which is cool because their playlists give me loads of material to review as I search for kickass songs to feature here on the indie music channel.

The I.Z.A. is a band out of Boston and OFNR is featuring their song "Aim For The Head" which I think is the best one of the three that they have up on their myspace player. That said though I like all three songs quite a bit.

To understand The I.Z.A. you have to realize their music is based on "life in a post-apocalyptic world" and at first that may seem a bit weird. On the other hand I really like Resident Evil, both the game and the movies so I can follow the concept.

I think the music these guys do isn't dependent on the Resident Evil framework. Even if you don't know what the basis of the songs are they are frigging great tunes! Watch this video and then go and listen to the other two on their player. Their stuff is loud and raw and beautiful and I really like it." - Mike Johnston -

"Live Review - Keene Music Festival 2008"

"An afternoon performance by a band named The I.Z.A. demonstrated rock 'n' roll showmanship. Their style was much heavier than most of the bands at the festival and they played tight. The I.Z.A. rocked it hard at Railroad Square and also have been rocking the Keene State College radio station, WKNH." - The Equinox 9/4/08


Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse EP (8.8.08)



"Amazing talent. Killer." Official F'N Radio 3/9

"Demonstrated rock 'n' roll showmanship. Their style was much heavier than most. " - The Equinox 9/08

"Awful tastelessness creativity." - The Noise 11/08

When The Noise of Boston asked "Could music get any worse?" most people wondered if they were really talking about Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. A fresh addition to the Boston music scene The I.Z.A. spent 2008 getting on their feet and recording their debut EP. Being as yet unknown they were prompted to believe that if someone hated it that much, it must ROCK. The album broke onto radio and podcasts across the internet in the fall of 2008. The lead single "Aim For The Head" has been featured on college and local radio, including WAAF's Bay State Rock.

Weaned on the teat of classic rock and heavy metal The I.Z.A. produce a nostalgic sound through their own punk filter. A technique that hails to back an earlier time, but has risen from the dead, more alarming and real. It's heavy, simple, loud and intense. That passion for their roots helped determine where they recorded the debut. Richard Marr's Galaxy Park, equipped with it's two inch tape reels and Hammond Organ, seemed like the most logical place to start. "It was like a war making that record." said Marr, "But now we're all like, war buddies and whatnot."

The I.Z.A. took a brief hiatus in early 2009 to write their next record. They will record it later this year after it has been taken out on the road and beaten into shape.

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