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The best kept secret in music


"Kerrang! (UK)"

'Grimy Grooves From Scruffy Maryland Exiles in New York'

Swamped by a welter of photofit garage chancers, the only criteria by which you can judge such rock 'n' roll is how it feels. And The Izzys, three ne'er-do-wells from New York, swing loose like the Stones at their most toxic, messy at the edges but tight where it counts- the bar-room licks, the cold-sweat backbeat, and Mike Storey's vocal possessed with a sweet Southern tang. The Izzys will leave a buzz in your groin, and that's always a guarantee of quality. Best Tracks: Highway Blues, Lonely. - Album Review

"Time Out London"

Hell yea. Taking the rubber-hipped, loose-lipped, hot-shit swagger of the Stones circa '71 and just riffing on that whole Drambuie-drenched country-blues-rock thing, this is the debut from NYC based trio the Izzys. A honky-tonk rockabilly garage band who are perhaps not quite as ramshackle as they like to sound; ace live, damn good on disc. - Live Pick


'The Strokes take on the Stones, We all win'

Maryland via New York trio The Izzys first came to NME's attention last year with a defiantly low-key and lo-fi EP entitled 'Fast & Out of Control Wins the Race,' which seemed like a perfect cross between the garage rock ramalama of the Strokes and the downhome boogie of classic Stones. Now they're back with their debut album proper and, from the 'Brown Sugar' riff of opener 'Little Sally Water', it's obvious there are to be no surprises found here. But there's a loveable looseness in their country blues sensibility, all infused with that vital NYC punk spirit which means The Izzys will never become The Black Crowes. For that we should all be thankful. - Album Review

"The Village Voice"

'As the Strokes are to The Velvet Underground and The Mooney Suzuki are to The Who, The Izzys might well one day be to The Stones without sounding anything like the Black Crowes." - Live Pick


Like a pot of baked beans on an open fire, The Izzys is alternative country the way you like it, fresh, hot and mean. - Quote

"Metro Life (UK)"

"...7ft frontman Mike Storey favours straight-ahead rawk, peppered with an occasional yee-hawin' drawl as heard on countrified croon-along song Lonely. An approach spawned by Storey's teenhood in Maryland wher ehe grew up listening to bluegrass. ...alternating the bluegrass-inspiried ditties with garage-rock Stones-alike trachs such as Little Sally Water and Morning Bells sure hasn't hurt - in fact, it's seen them compared to The Strokes. Which could explain why The Izzys are attracting the attention of the indie-rock cognoscenti and are currently playing to full houses across the UK." - Live Pick

"Izzys Rolling Stone Review"

If you like Stonesy garage rawk with splashes of heartland twang, you're gonna love the Izzys' eponymous debut album. Sure, at times they get almost close enough to "Jumping Jack Flash" (on "Little Sally Water") to have to cough up some cabbage to Jagger and Richards, but if you can ignore the obvious connection to Mick and the lads, it's a sweet ride. Short, catchy songs with loose, raunchy guitar playing and shrug-and-wink lyrics will grab you by both ears. Dig the wry, country-tinged "Lonely," or the hooky chagrin of "You Got Me Crying." The trio kicks out the jams on the rockers "Strange," "Morning Bells" and "Velocity." Mike Storey's axe work is gorgeously haphazard and at times threatens to meander off into parts unknown, while his vocals stretch and strain, punch and pull, devoid of star-singer power but drenched with mood and character. This one's for the real rock & rollers out there. (ADRIAN ZUPP) - Rolling Stone - Rolling Stone

"Alternative Nation"

The Izzys play rock and roll boogie the way it used to be played before bands forgot (whether deliberately or because it wasn't selling the way it used to), and serve it with a side order of sun-fried country blues. It’s as much the sound of sunny days riding in a car with the windows down as it is the sound of dark nights in a sweaty club with a beer in hand and a pretty girl or boy in your eye. - Alternative Nation - Alternative Nation

"Blender Magazine Review"

"New York trio the Izzys go back a little further than most, to the
jagged, bluesy romps of Exile on Main Street-era Rolling Stones
("Highway Blues"), with a harsh edge coming from the minimalist
tough-guy boogie of the early Stooges ("Little Sally Water"). The
result is sleek and sleazy, and in the down-tempo dirge "You Got Me
Crying," the extra ingredient of Gram Parsons's lonelyheart
countrywhine lends a bit of emotional depth." Blender - Blender


The Izzys "The Izzys"
Debut Album w/ Bonus Video for 'Dreaming'

1. Littly Sally Water
2. Turning Round
3. HIghway Blues
4. Lonely
5. Stand Up Laughing-Falling Down to Cry
6. You Got Me Crying
7. Strange
8. Change Your Mind
9. Morning Bells
10. Velocity
11. Dreaming

The Izzys Peel Session (UK)
1. Stand Up Laughing - Falling Down to Cry
2. Velocity
3. Bright Lights (cover)
4. Strange


Feeling a bit camera shy


Just back from a successful jaunt in London, the boys are playing a July residency at New York's Lakeside Lounge to flush out some new tunes they'll record with Eli Janney (Jet, Ryan Adams, Secret Machines) The new material will be released as a single in the fall with The Orchard, an international online distributor.

A brilliant and mercurial thread winds through the landscape of the American songbook
like a Cadillac on a lost highway. Chameleon-like, sometimes it's
the high-lonesome yelp of Bill Monroe or the haunting misgivings of Robert Johnson.
Other times it is the reverb-drenched bravado of a Sun rockabilly record. And sometimes
it's the can't-stop-dancing boogie of any number of dance tunes by Rufus Thomas,
The Mighty Hannibal, or Prince. This thread is timeless; it is the quintessence
of The American Song.

The Izzys, a fully realized rock and roll outfit—cast in twang, thunder, and boogie—is
driving this thread forward.

"I'd rather have capable Izzy-ness than inescapable dizziness"--Groucho Marx