The Izzys

The Izzys


If you like Stonesy garage rawk with splashes of heartland twang, you're gonna love the Izzys' eponymous debut album. . . it's a sweet ride. Short, catchy songs with loose, raunchy guitar playing and shrug-and-wink lyrics will grab you by both ears.


Just back from a successful jaunt in London, the boys are playing a July residency at New York's Lakeside Lounge to flush out some new tunes they'll record with Eli Janney (Jet, Ryan Adams, Secret Machines) The new material will be released as a single in the fall with The Orchard, an international online distributor.

A brilliant and mercurial thread winds through the landscape of the American songbook
like a Cadillac on a lost highway. Chameleon-like, sometimes it's
the high-lonesome yelp of Bill Monroe or the haunting misgivings of Robert Johnson.
Other times it is the reverb-drenched bravado of a Sun rockabilly record. And sometimes
it's the can't-stop-dancing boogie of any number of dance tunes by Rufus Thomas,
The Mighty Hannibal, or Prince. This thread is timeless; it is the quintessence
of The American Song.

The Izzys, a fully realized rock and roll outfit—cast in twang, thunder, and boogie—is
driving this thread forward.

"I'd rather have capable Izzy-ness than inescapable dizziness"--Groucho Marx


The Izzys "The Izzys"
Debut Album w/ Bonus Video for 'Dreaming'

1. Littly Sally Water
2. Turning Round
3. HIghway Blues
4. Lonely
5. Stand Up Laughing-Falling Down to Cry
6. You Got Me Crying
7. Strange
8. Change Your Mind
9. Morning Bells
10. Velocity
11. Dreaming

The Izzys Peel Session (UK)
1. Stand Up Laughing - Falling Down to Cry
2. Velocity
3. Bright Lights (cover)
4. Strange

Set List

Only Left Letters
Morning Bells
Little Sally Water
You Got Me Crying
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
Change Your Mind
Highway Blues
Turning Round