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The best kept secret in music


"Friday 26th November - Bannermans Edinburgh"

LAST but not least were Edinburgh's The Jackals, Bannermans filled up rapidly as tonight's headliners took to the stage.

The Jackals opened with a bang and had the aura of a professional and confident band enjoying their own set. The sound that had been slightly mixed up during The Last Band's set, with it being hard to hear the drums, was sorted out and the drums boomed out loud and clear.

Their sound was retro-blues rock with hints of early Rolling Stones, The Who or more recent favourites The Coral - their songs being complimented with three piece harmonies and additional harmonica. Singer Jimmy Spence had the crowds full attention as he mesmerised them with his shoulder popping dancing and unassuming slightly eccentric stage presence, his strong vocals were praised by the occasional but effective guitar effects and strong bass lines.

The songs slipped effortlessly from acid rock to country blues and the crowd's appreciation grew to riotous levels as the band pounded through an excellent set, with 'Sasparella' being a particular favourite.

The Jackals may not have a completely original sound, but the 1960's were a long time ago - maybe it's time for a 'Jackal' inspired 60's revival.

- Edinburgh Rock Magazine

"Saturday 30th October - The Liquid Room Edinburgh"


CAN Edinburgh hold a candle to Glasgow in terms of local bands? Historically it's not been the case. While the west coast has time and again thrown up innovation, the east more often than not has tended towards derivation. Chasing the curve rather than forming it. Saturday saw the final heat of East Meets West, a comprehensive coast-to-coast battle of the bands which has been raging between Edinburgh's Liquid Room and Glasgow's Barfly in the last few months. The best three of the night's nine bands will go on to the grand final next month at Barrowland in an attempt to uncover the next Franz Ferdinand or Belle & Sebastian.

Enter The Jackals. Singer Jimmy Spence did not affect a cool rock star attitude, as many of the other frontmen were guilty of attempting. Instead he created attitude through sheer force of personality. This band even had the audacity to look like they were enjoying themselves. Spence is the most unselfconscious guy, in many ways the most ridiculous but also the coolest by a country mile. Crucially, The Jackals don't sound like someONE, they sound like someTHING - the spirit of rock 'n' roll freedom. And if the crowd's raection was anything to go by, they should have had it sewn up.

Decreed by a panel of four judges, Luma will go through to the finals next month alongside Starsky and The Very. The Jackals were ROBBED. The obvious crowd favourites, Edinburgh had an opportunity to go with something unconventional and rough around the edges. Something different, something unpretentious, something with heart, guts and soul. We saw light at the end of the tunnel and we ordered more road.

- STRUAN MACKENZIE (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Friday 30th July - Bannermans Edinburgh"

Confident and relaxed, headliners The Jackals either already have a huge fanbase or else they persuaded a busload of mates to turn up. The place was packed by the time they came on.

Kicking off with Just To Pass The Pleasant Time, they didn’t need to warm up and went straight into top gear, and by their third song they had the crowd in the palm of their hand. Singer James Spence is a comfortable and confident lead, while guitarist Scott Watson is the lynchpin of a fine band.

The Jackals have a wad of strong songs and they seem to have the potential to take things a step further, although a few weaker ones towards the end allowed them to lose some of their edge. If they can pen a few more crackers like Raspberry Moon and the wonderful Chasing Shadows or juggle the order of tracks to keep up the initial momentum of their set, they’ll surely be on to a winner.

- ANDREW MIDGLEY (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Saturday 13th March - Bannermans Edinburgh"

Local band The Jackals didn’t waste any time imposing their brand of good-times rock to an appreciative audience. One would like to say that an exclamation mark wouldn’t go amiss if added to the band name having observed the idiosyncrasies of lead man James Spence. The cameo appearance of comically timed harmonica frenzy confirmed the entertainment the diminutive maverick was intent on staging.

This was no gimmick however as they blitzed through a series of anthems which had the patronage in head-bopping approval. With each song they became more poised and the odd guitar effect boldly gave them an extra dimension, even manifesting into Caribbean rock rumba on one number. Yet it all seemed to click as this four-piece outfit exuded the confidence of a band set for (much) bigger things. A bold statement yes, but The Jackals are bold too and don’t they say that’s who fortune favours?

After tamely finishing proceedings with a gentle acoustic ballad the conquerors returned on stage as if prophesising the adoring reaction. A rousing encore rounded up a triumphant night. Edinburgh is badly in need of a flagship band which brings genuine eminence to its people and my money is on this talent. I for one am convinced. Brilliant!

- ABE REMMO (Online Music Magazine)


'Raspberry Moon' EP - Released 31.04.05
(Jackal Recordings)

See website for availibility.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Jackals were formed in Edinburgh in January 2003. Having played various venues around the country, they now have an ever growing fanbase and a reputation for being one of Scotlands best up and coming bands.

Creating a sound from a range of influences their harmony led, jangly guitar blend of ‘good time country soul’ has added a refreshing twist to the diversity of music happening in Scotland right now.

The Edinburgh Evening News recently described them as… ’The Jackals don’t sound like someONE, they sound like someTHING. Something different, something unpretentious, something with heart, guts and soul.’