Jack Fords

Jack Fords

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"Cleveland's Best Rock Band" - 2007 and 2009 Free Times/Scene Awards The Jack Fords, based in Cleveland Ohio, deliver charismatic, determined greasy American rock and roll and within months of their debut performance, have become one of the most highly respected live acts in Northeastern Oh


Experiencing a Jack Fords show makes the witness feel as though they are watching a bit of history going down. There is an raw, honest, genuine, spontaneous approach to their live show that has made their listeners believers. They are most at home and their best tearing through four-hour sets in smoky dirty clubs and bars, with creaky floors, spilled beer, broken glass, and fantastic crowds. This was the momentum behind the Cleveland band being crowned 2007 and 2009's “Best Rock Band” by the Cleveland Scene and their readers, less than a year of their debut release, “Bent Outta Shape”. They just release their new CD, "The Way Things Should Be" produced by veteran roots rock producer Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, The Bottlerockets) on May 4th 2010.

The Jack Fords were formed in 2005 when guitarist Bobby Latina met songwriter Brent Kirby at the now legendary Town Fryer, the same bar that would later host the live recording of “Bent Outta Shape”. Immediately, they furiously started connecting the dots of their own musical backgrounds and influences, and realized they had fallen upon something special and unique.

The end result was an ambitious debut of epic new songs with equal parts Dylan, Zeppelin, Stones, Gram Parsons, Otis Redding and Black Crowes that showcased Kirby’s concise and cinematic lyrics and Latina’s amazingly intense, powerful guitar delivery. Add veteran musicians, Jim Wall on drums and Ed Sotelo on bass, and you have the makings of a rock’n’roll powderkeg.

The Jack Fords have shared the stage with Marah, Joe Bonamassa, James Gang, Leslie West, Ian McLagan, The Trews, Heartless Bastards, The Brakes, Bottlerockets, Shurman, Will Hoge, The Yayhoos, Stacie Collins, Limbeck, The Damnwells, Michael Stanley, Cleveland Blues All Stars and Red Wanting Blue.

The Jack Fords are the genuine article, greasy American rock’n’roll that is delivered with a charismatic, confident swagger. Go to www.jackfords.com for more information on the band.


Covers Blown

Written By: Jack Fords/Brent Kirby

cover’s blown

heard you shuffle through the door
i was staring at my shoes
busted curls fell to the floor
you didn’t have that much to lose anyway
fingerprints laid on the crystal
cooled by the touch of your skin
i remember often thinking when would I see you once again
it’s a crazy situation
but i never guessed
i’d be such a mess
honey I should have known
now my cover’s been blown

just what the hell was I thinking?
I can’t believe I’m standing here like this
to hear that brush against your canvas
it proves that I exist after all
catch me stealing all your glances
don’t you know what you want?
sitting silent speechless
so naively nonchalant
it’s a crazy situation
but i never guessed
i’d be such a mess
honey I should have known
now my cover’s been blown now

just you wait a minute!
i got something left to say
that I’m sure you want to hear
i couldn’t get you off my mind
though I tried so many times i tried so many times!

i can still see the room with the light shining down
this feeling that’s red glowed and blurred
i only needed some conversation compensation a revelation
some stunning simply stuttered words
it just goes to show some things aren’t what they seem
one second you’re awake,
the next you’re living in a dream
it’s a crazy situation
but i never guessed
i’d be such a mess
honey I should have known
now my cover’s been blown


"Bent Outta Shape" May 2006
"Cutting Blow" EP June 2008
"The Way Things Should Be" May 2010

Set List

The Jack Fords set lists vary from night to night, but always focus on original material with obscure covers thrown in for the crowd's entertainment.
Original tunes consist of some of the following...
Bent Outta Shape
Who Do You Trust
Seven Days
Covers Blown
Alice Brown
Last Song I'll Ever Sing
Don't Mean Nothing
Such A Crime
Hotel Suicide
Tears In The Morning
Rattle Them Bones
New Orleans
Piss Break Song
Surveillance Society
Cutting Blow
All Over Now
Old Habits Die Hard
Done You Right
Let You Take
The Way Things Should Be
Last Call Whistle
Together We Rise
All I Want Is You
Brightest Star
Big Sky Blues
Lost Degrees
Smokin Spirits