The Jack West & Lalo Vibe

The Jack West & Lalo Vibe


Jack West & Lalo rock! In an accessible, jazz-influenced way that appeals to non-jazz fans and music geeks alike. They sound like no one else and always manage to have a good time.


New York based vibraphonist Lalo and Bay Area 8-string acoustic guitarist Jack West have several things in common: their jazz-influenced music is fresh, energetic, and fueled by imagination; they break new ground with their inventive approach to unusual instruments; and they both grew up in Savannah, GA. Yet West and Lalo only knew of each other by rumor until they were both selected to showcase at South by Southwest in March 2004.

“I heard Jack play and I couldn’t believe it. His music was so much fun, and his rhythmic and harmonic approach was incredibly similar to what I aim for in my music!” says Lalo. Maybe it’s something in the water in Savannah, GA: The two musicians had arrived at a similar style by taking entirely different paths on opposite sides of the country. They first brought their innovations together for a West Coast tour in March 2005, next performed at the legendary 55 Bar in NYC, and since then have continued to tour throughout the U.S. The overwhelmingly positive response to their music guarantees that fans on both coasts will be seeing more of this duo in the near future.

West has developed a highly personal sound using unusual tunings and a dazzling combination of bluesy slide work, finger-picking, and unorthodox percussive techniques. He has performed his music with a “who’s who” of SF Bay Area jazz musicians, including drummer Scott Amendola (Charlie Hunter, etc), cellist Mark Summer (Turtle Island String Quartet), bassist Jon Evans (Tori Amos), saxophonist George Brooks (Zakir Hussein's Rhythm Experience), violinist Jenny Scheinman, and many others. His recordings have received national recognition for their exceptional quality as independently produced CDs. As We Know It was chosen over thousands of entries as winner of the Acoustic Guitar Magazine Self-Released CD Award for its "superb quality and originality." Most recently, West has been selected as a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition Jazz category for his piece "This Life May Be Monitored" from his recent release, Big Ideas.

Lalo has created a new world of vibraphone-based music with fresh energy a modern edge. “Lalo has injected some rock vitality into the vibraphone,” proclaimed host Liane Hansen during a feature interview on NPR Weekend Edition Sunday. “Lalo’s music exists as a playground made of sound,” read a Jazz Times magazine feature on the vibraphonist. Her newest CD, Half Moon, was released January 2006 and is currently receiving national airplay. "Half Moon reveals an impressive growth spurt... there is a willingness throughout this disc to think outside the box, yet the leader's compositions are still filled with a strong sense of lyricism and altogether winning album,” wrote Tad Hendrickson of JazzWeek.

In addition to traveling worldwide as the leader of several bands, Lalo has recorded with legendary jazz pianist Kenny Werner for BMG Japan, performed with Cyro Baptista’s ten-piece percussion ensemble, and regularly plays in several established New York City bands. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Lalo’s recent appearances include the Blue Note, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, and numerous U.S. colleges and universities.

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A duo album is currently in the works. Individual albums receiving national airplay are starred.
*2006: "Half Moon", Lalo
*2003: "Around About Now", Jack West & Curvature
*2003: "Lalo", Lalo
*2001: "Big Ideas", Jack West & Curvature
1999: "As We Know It", Jack West & Curvature
1998: "Big Comet Headed For Earth", Jack West & Curvature

Set List

The typical show is two sets of 50 minutes, but the duo is quite flexible. The Jack West & Lalo Vibe plays their original compositions and usually throws in a few covers by Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith, etc.