The Jacobs

The Jacobs


This London based four piece hark back to the rootsy, no frills sound of the classic British/American bands to emerge over the last 50 years.

Their sound is delicate at times, at others neanderthal. If Noah had played music to his animals, to wake them at first light and settle them at dusk, this would have been his band of choice


Many years before this day, four young and wide-eyed creatures crept out from the brush and bracken on Jacob’s Farm.

They gathered at the site of a silver river, surrounded by trees that stood tall and blue in the moonlight, and there, under the watchful eye of nine stone Muses, danced, sang and played in the cool night air.

Alongside the water’s edge, rabbit thumped his tiny paw, Fox cried and barked, Badger clucked and squeaked, and Robin flew above them all, chirping and whistling merrily.

They have long since died, but the moon nor stars have forgotten them. They are remembered by the dancing glow of twinkling fireflies. And the piles of shit and needles they left behind.


Little Bird

Written By: Jimmy Rey

Little Bird

Saw you were lonely and frail
Blew a little wind in your sail
Offered you sanctuary when you needed it most

Recognized your voice; it called like wolves in the night
Lord knows I did my best to see you rise
Out of the wilderness

Little bird of mine
Surely come the time
But before you leave, take one lasting look at me
To remind you
That this old ghost canyon got the best from you

Go, go march on
A soldier to the cause
And hold your throne as a living legend
Shrouded in mystery

The doldrums ain't no place for you to be
And these hills won't rest until they've seen
That it's ever present eveywhere, that it's ever present everywhere
That warm love