Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandRockNew Wave

The soulful, psychedelic sounds and raw live edge have drawn attention to these Mississippi natives over the past few years. The JAG supported Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on their North East tour dates along with a subsequent feature by Paste Magazine. The JAG continue their longtime collaboration with celebrated producer Andrija Tokic (Hurray For the Riff Raff, Alabama Shakes) for their third release in 2018.


By name alone, The JAG may suggest hard corners and sharp edges, but their baroque moods comprise more winding curves than straight lines.  Founding members Aaron Tyler King, Joe Regan and Gant O’Brien are going on a 10-year history of musical collaboration spanning three bands, originating in the Southern Gothic heat of Jackson, Mississippi.  Finding themselves in Nashville, TN in 2012, the three joined with Scott Harper to form The JAG and have been evolving in fascinating ways ever since.

Starting with an informed homage to 60’s acid rock and early glam, the band quickly progressed into a rare mix of influences.  Singer Aaron Tyler King tangos like a bayou David Byrne, calling out opaque aphorisms with the same clarity and conviction.  Highly composed, slanty keyboard hooks and bass lines pay clear respect to the likes of Brian Eno in his famous work on Bowie’s Heroes.  Brooding shoegaze occasionally peeks in the door, Marc Bolan tips his enormous top hat, and the ever-present psychedelic groundwork ties the music with a fancy bow into a compelling whole.

This potent mix has garnered significant attention within the Nashville rock scene. After touring with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and collaborating with Ben Trimble of Fly Golden Eagle, The JAG recorded their sophomore album with the Bomb Shelter’s Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Fly Golden Eagle, Benjamin Booker).  Although officially composed of five members, the live lineup fluctuates Brian Jonestown Massacre-style, boasting up to eight members in various configurations.


White Horse

Written By: Aaron Tyler King

Right here and now, i watch you lay
Way above the sticks and mud
With the white horse runnin through your blood
In your room in outer space
In your room you leave no trace
Mom and dad, I feel no fear
Tell me, can your god talk to me here
It feels like forever

You're more than a dreamer
How ya chase your monster
and I fear that tomorrow
You'll be too far away

Right here and now I want to stay
Here and now I watch you lay
God is love and love is fear
Yeah, the white horse ran and left you here

and it feels like forever

You're more than a dreamer
How ya chase your monster
and I fear that tomorrow
You'll be too far away


2012 - "White Horse/Talk At Me" - 7" Single

2012 - "Mississippi Acid Pine Highway Tour"

The debut EP boldly showcases the bands ability to infuse soulful, southern vocal styles and melodies, with ballsy, sometimes psychedelic guitar sounds. When listened to loudly, the album effortlessly embodies the band’s live sound, with a raw edge followed by a tight feel.

2015 - "Pondermental Wonderment In Hypocricity" LP

"...there's recently been an absolute glut of garage-y psych bands, so the road less-traveled is particularly inviting. The JAG make pretty excellent tour guides." - Nashville Scene

Set List

Typical set list consists of mostly originals with an occasional cover. The band will usually play one set of 45 minutes to an hour.