The Jaguar Shark

The Jaguar Shark

 Columbia, Missouri, USA

Acoustic/electronic indie folk. Compared recently to Modest Mouse and the Freelance Whales. Sing along songs for the broken.

"Dillon Lara is The Jaguar Shark and is a multi-instrumentalist who appreciates the finer things of folk-pop." - Vox Magazine


The Jaguar Shark is one man, however, there are choruses of people who will join in on live shows and recordings. All music is written by The Jaguar Shark but inspired by many people, books, poems, plays, movies, songs, etc... The Jaguar Shark is me. I have been playing since 2005 and play a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, hence the genre acoustic electronic. Categorize me as you see fit, all musicians hate to describe what they sound like and do not always do a good job of describing that. What I can offer you are fellow songwriters who I listen to daily: Bob Dylan, Third Eye Blind, David Crowder, and the poetry of Richard Brautigan.

Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of: The Appleseed Cast, Latterman, Kiss Kiss, John Nolan(Taking Back Sunday, ex-Straylight Run), Destry(ex-Straylight Run, ex-Northstar), Silent Land Time Machine, The Western Front, The Poison Control Center, Brian Bonz and the Dog Hongs, Papermoons, Robert Sarazin Blake, The Forecast, Queens Club, Unwed Sailor, The Pack A.D., Blackpool Lights(Get Up Kids), The Class of '98, and Ha Ha Tonka.

I am a Christian meaning I believe in love, freedom, hope, and a greater power. I believe I was given this talent and passion to write and play music and I cannot deny the source of this gift. I'm not perfect as is anyone. My music is not meant to condemn or pass judgment on anyone either. My music is meant to give people a sense of hope and love. I hope you can enjoy them.

Music has been apart of my life since I was a child. When I was four my parents bought my sister and I a book of folk songs that came with a cassette tape to accompany the songs. The book was mostly sheet music for guitar and I did not know how to read it at the time. I decided to put the tape in player to listen to as I built structures with my legos but as soon as I put the cassette in the player I felt something I had never felt before. A man by the name of Stephen Jenkins once wrote, "I believe the four right chords can make me cry." I was four at the time, I did not cry per-say but the music had affected me in way that had never happened before. From that point on, music would always be apart of my life and who I am.

Thank God for legos and folk cassettes.



Written By: The Jaguar Shark

What happened to all the beautiful people?
They're the ones always putting thoughts in my head.
so i guess now i'll write about the ugliness
and it's aesthetic-ness
and what it means to be american

Let's throw all our stories together into one
to make you feel special on the inside
'cause yr outer box
means nothing to my culture.
Your whispered thoughts,
you need to make them louder,
stop giving friends
credit for your problems
'cause who we are is where we're from.
Who we are is where we're from.
Spread yrself across the map
find yrself and trace it back
make a name you can't forget
we'll all learn to handle it.

its about the human condition
and our selfish ambitions
and our midnight talks
with our soft broken english
and it makes sense to us
to be where we are now
dreaming about out loud
all of our problems and how we solve them.

humble lies, i never saw them through your rounded eyes
but i could feel them and i denied them
this isn't about faith in life and all the good things that happen.
this isn't about the people who who make it better.
Its about the faith we have in each other
and what we give and not take
and what it means is where you're from
and where you're from nobody knows
but you've got answers for my questions
you've got the right answers for my life.

Young and Hip

Written By: The Jaguar Shark

Don’t worry anymore my friend,
Life is not for you to live on your own.
I do feel its time we start growing up
and stop giving up.
Life is shorter than you think,
Yr as old as you feel
and honey that ain’t good
cause you should be young

So here’s an anthem for yr choice
To keep living.
Here is love its yrs to keep,
so hold it close, hold it close.

So there goes yr soul
out to sea again.
Drifting out with yr
breeze of thoughts.
Yr so young and hip,
we’ll wade out to you
and we’ll sing you these songs
that make you feel good

Lumberjack Song

Written By: The Jaguar Shark

Once I was lumber standing tall as a tree,
and you were the skyscraper who made me feel small.
Yeah, you were an ax and cut off my arms,
no more reaching for daylight,
my limbs, they are gone.

The Lord has given me many things
but a patient heart is what I long for now.
Don't give up on me my spirit won't stop.

Once I was a man who had everything.
Then Satan got on my back and took it all away.
Thank God for my friends, they came and brought me light.
Once I had been defeated, my friends saved my life.

Some people will tell you to curse God and die
but I believe in freedom and you can call it what you like.


Written By: Dillon Lara

It’s hard to see when you cannot be found,
walking on the streets of a foreign town.
They say “open yr eyes son and then you’ll see,
lay down yr life and you’ll be free.”
Its’ okay to stay on the top
of this mountain son, but you won’t stay long.
We won’t win every battle we face,
we’re all human, we’ll be okay.

I sold my soul,
I sold my job,
gave my life to a faithful one
singing, “Lord, I’m coming home.”

Walking down this road again,
Bleeding out my eyes under street lights again.
Gonna build myself a brand new house,
re-invent myself, I’m gonna make this work.
Running faster into our dreams,
don’t wake me up, I’m gonna sleep all night.

We won’t be still anymore.

The Road

Written By: Dillon Lara/The Jaguar Shark

Wherever I rome, there you will be
always one step closer than me.
We're getting closer to the beach,
I can feel its breeze all across my arms.
This is the Place where all our pain
will be washed away and we'll be free
'cause this world is a mess even though it is still.

Why can't we have peace now? Rest now?
Can we go home now?
We've been on this road for far too long,
Tell me you can make this all disappear.

We carry fire in our hearts.
It keeps us strong, It keeps us alive.
We'll stop for some rest,
build a fire by the sea,
and gaze up at the stars,
praying, "God set us free!"
This world is a mess even though it is still.

I'm at home when you are near, Yr safe and well in my heart.


Waking Up LP

In Progress:
Death is a Beautiful Car Parked Only
due to be released in 2011

Set List

Set lists can be up to an hour long.
Comfort Words
The Road
Young and Hip
Lumberjack Song
A Pleasant Goodbye
Grey Funnel Line
Blank as Snow
Scarlet and Grey