The Jains

The Jains


They condense the vital characteristic elements of the band. Distorted punches, dissonant and sensual atmospheres, rhythms both instinctive and impulsive.


Kris Reichert
Canadian, from Toronto, Kris comes from a family of musicians and has played
music from the moment her father gave her the "big gift" of her own guitar.
From then on, the vocals naturally followed. Living in Italy and desiring a
career based in music, she found success as a VJ for MTV Europe. Kris has
played in many unsatisfactory bands before forming THE JAINS.

Anna Di Pierno
Italian, from Milan, Anna comes from an absolutely non-musical family and
was drawn to the drums after having dabbled for years in piano and guitar.
Anna has a passion for writing, and when playing in various bands, she has
always written and arranged most of the music. Using her creative talents
within her partnership with Kris, THE JAINS have become her end-all!


Kill the Ghost (Tube Records, 2005)

Set List

15 original songs+ 1/2 covers