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Play Your Music

Written By: Barbara Ann Horton

Remember way back when we used to play together -
The music flowing through your hands?
The melodies and words you wrote – are woven through my soul
But tell me, have you lost your music - and how?

Been a long, long time, hope that life has done you good
Lived the way I thought I should
Spent the time I had, as a husband and a dad
Didn’t even notice something was gone -

Where’s your music now? Are you holding it inside?
Held in sweet denial? Swallowed by your fears…
There’s my music now -- I can hear it in my children…
I can see it in the world
Look around – There’s my music now.

Used to be you weren’t afraid to take on mysteries...
(Some things are better left unknown)
Used to be you weren’t afraid to live life to extremes…
My heart just couldn’t take it,
So I put some things aside
Well please, my friend – don’t let your music die!!!

So hear my music now! Hear it loud & clear!
Sing with all my heart! Strum out all my fear!!!
Hear my music now!
You’ve only to decide –
Will you share your music now?
Or will you walk away, and just let your music die?

What if Ghandi would have kept his peace all to himself?
Or Martin Luther didn’t share his dream?
What if you had never shared your music with us all?
I, for one, wouldn’t be here now to sing!

So I’m begging you please, won’t you please, play your music now!

Play your music now! Play it loud & clear!
Sing with all your heart! Strum out all your fear!!!
You will never know just who you will inspire
So play your music now – light somebody’s fire –

Won’t you please, play your music
What ever it is, wherever you are, whatever you do
Won’t you please, Just play your music,
play your music play your music
play your music play your music

Copyright October 2008 – Words & Music by Barb Horton

There's Enough

Written By: Barbara Horton

There’s Enough
© 2008 Words and Music by Barb Horton

I saw a man - sitting on the corner of 5th and Main
Perched on park bench with a tin cup in hand
(So I dropped in a twenty) and I looked him square in the eye,
and I swallowed my fear
I said, “Sir - would you share your story with me –
if you’d be so kind?”

And with a smile he said,
“Thanks for asking, and I thank you for your gift”.
He said, “My road was paved with many a tear,
I lost my leg and my best friend, back in Vietnam,
But right now I’m grateful just to be here –
Because here and now…

“There’s enough light, there’s enough love,
There’s enough peace to still the wars
There’s enough hope, and there’s enough time
(you just gotta believe)
There’s enough health, there’s enough joy
There’s enough food to feed the world
There’s enough money, and there’s enough life –
(you just gotta believe)

“I got back to the states in 1969.
And oh so very grateful to be home and alive!
Now I preach to the wealthy, and I give to the poor,
I make a million a year just to give it away,
and I just keep getting’ more!


With tears streaming down my face, I said, “Thank you for this gift,”
And I emptied my purse to fill his cup.
I said, “Because of you, I will never be the same.
I’ll never live in lack again – Because I BELIEVE


Jesus Showed Me The Way

Written By: Jeanne MacLaughlin

Jesus Showed Me the Way!
Copyright February 2007 Words and Music by Jeanne MacLaughlin

When I was little my Gram used to pray
Oh how she loved him, and prayed every day
She'd drive me to church and we'd kneel and we'd say
Thank you Dear Jesus for showing the way.

Now as a woman my spirit burns bright
There's no greater joy than sharing my light
Singing and smiling from the core of my soul
He showed me how love can just light up my road…


Jesus showed me the way
To live passionately!
He said, “I and the Father are One
And as I have done, you can do too
As I have done, you can do too!”

Now that I'm older, I can easily see
that Christ and the Father are one within me.
He showed how the universe moves just for me
When I live in love and divine harmony


Knowing now what I know
I want to share it everywhere I go!
Just as Jesus did!
Just as Jesus Knew!
You and the Father are One!


Renaissance Man

Written By: Jeanne MacLaughlin

Renaissance Man
Copyright 2008 by Jeanne MacLaughlin and Joel Baehr

Jesus Christ was a Renaissance man
Bringing new ideas to hand
Old ways weren’t working, obviously
The leaders did not understand

Jesus Christ was a Renaissance man
Who loved like a mother, her child
He gave us his life, he took a stand;
Intrepid was he – strong, yet mild.

He taught the way of the Father within,
He said this will work for you, too.
“You are a temple of love just like me,
Just let that love come shining through.

After eating with the twelve, he spoke:
“Dying is the thing I must do;
But rejoice you all, for I will be back
This I will do for loving you.

Friday was tough; Mom and John were there
After the storm, Sunday was bright.
Mary was thinking: cruel – unfair
Then there he was – heavenly sight!