Jake Smith

Jake Smith

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Jake Smith is even better live! He has shared the stage with acts like Better Than Ezra, Dave Matthews,John Legend and The Roots. His music is soulful, entertaining, and from the heart. His songs have appeared on TV shows like Parent Hood and One Tree Hill. He is currently working on a new record!


Everyone Comes from Somewhere
It’s a fair question: when a guy calls his record Everyone Comes from Somewhere, who wouldn’t ask in turn where he’s coming from?

He grew up in New Orleans, but where he comes from? That’s an entirely different question. Some listeners first met Jake in 2007 when his opening effort was picked up for national distribution in a serendipitously short-lived deal. As the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported, “He and the label ultimately disagreed on the direction his music should take. He was not entirely displeased when (the label closed),
freeing Smith from his contract.” With that debut drama in the rearview mirror, Jake Smith is happy to be growing up before a growing audience—and is clearly moving on these days.
“A lot of people use the past to hold onto something that is holding them back,” he says. “I didn’t want to be that guy who blamed someone else for not doing what he needed to do. I’ve realized that everyone comes from somewhere and has been through something. But people can change . . . it’s how you come out of those times.” Jake Smith comes out swinging on Everyone Comes from Somewhere, a set that’s old school jam-packed with gripping stories about All haters, all lovers / A
man who can’t respect women / A person financially in prison / A preacher who’s doing all the sinning / Everyone comes from somewhere.
The album begins with “At the End of the Night,” a Prince-ly guitar-led groove with lyrics that came after Jake saw the Jennifer Aniston film, He’s Just Not That Into You. Lamenting today’s hookup scene and those who go home with
someone even though, It’s not right; it’s just right now, Smith reminds them, This is not the way that it should be.
“There are broken hearts out there settling for less than they deserve, and that gets to me,” he says. “If people would learn to value themselves and their relationships, they’d be sick over how they act in the clubs.” In linear fashion, “Go Ahead” drives the prior song’s point home by humorously showing how to deal with someone who moves too fast and is seemingly unaware of their worth. With an air of respect, atop a hot piano-fed track that’s as catchy as Justin Timberlake
and as cool as Ben Folds, Jake sings, It’s as clear as black and white / You’re just trying to get down tonight / Well, honey, there’s the stairs / You can get down right there.

The concern over knowing one’s true self and purpose takes a more personal tone for Smith on “You Had Me” and “One False Step.” Steeped in well-suited John Mayer and Maroon 5 influences that match his natural abilities, he touches on the sore spots of his first brush with the music business: You had me selling out, but that’s something that I won’t do . . . Why can’t I just be myself instead of the scripted version of someone else? The latter cut takes a longer view at why it’s important to find the right rhythm in life and pursue the strongest dreams even if at first you don’t succeed. Jake, who married last year and is now expecting a child with his wife, thinks ahead to, The conversation that you’ll have with your kids / Are you going to tell them that you were a never-been, that daddy was a
pushover, he gave up and got rolled over? “I’ve been learning a lot about what I don’t want to do,” explains Smith. “I’m
trying to strip away the junk from life, and that’s where this record is really coming from.” Love is most important on Everyone Comes from Somewhere. From the
youthful yearning of “Once Love” to the mature proclamations of “Something’s Better” (I got my head right now / I got my heart on my sleeve), the Crescent City singer sees the pursuit of passion as both romantic and religious. Therein lies Jake Smith’s essence, his appeal as a chart- bound artist with the lyrical depth to satisfy those seeking for more than just feel good music.


Once Love

Written By: Jake Smith

Jake Smith Lyrics ALL THAT WE’LL EVER NEED 2008

1. Once Love

Verse 1.

Close your eyes if you’re scared of flying
Cause we will never land
You’re not alone baby I promise
Cause I’ve got your hand

And I know that we’ve never seen each other
But this I know is true
That I’ve never felt for anybody
The way I’ll feel for you


Once love comes then
We will finally know
We’ll see it’s better
Than we’ve ever known
Once Love

Verse 2

Go ease that mind baby
Go on and guard that heart
Cause when we’re together honey
We will never be apart


Oh and I can’t wait till that lovely day
When I see your face
It’s all so beautiful
I will pray Lord haste that day
It’ll be so good
Then we’ll know for sure


2. Fighting For

Verse 1

I wonder how these people
I wonder how they could lie right to our face

They say they all want freedom
They say they’ll do whatever it would take

Then I might say
I have a better way


I wanted something better and
You wanted something more
I guess we both agree in what we’re fighting for
What we’re fighting for

Verse 2

Give me just a second
Give me just a little time to filter this

With all the different motive
With all the different views
I’m not sure what side to pick

Maybe I just think that
We all want the same thing


I wanted something better and
You wanted something more
I guess we both agree in what we’re fighting for
What we’re fighting for

With all the many different reasons
No matter what there’s always more
I guess we both agree in what we’re fighting for
What we’re fighting for


With all of the talk
With all that we do
I believe that the truth should be absolute
With all of our many ways I think we can agree
That we are headed for a dangerous road and
All we need is a little hope
That one day we will all see


We keep fighting
We keep saying
All these things to keep from saying
Anything that leads to changing
We keep fighting
We keep saying


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