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"Unique blend of blues and funk make up multi-genre band"

Don't be fooled -- "Jamburglars" is actually not a drunken pronunciation attempt at "hamburgers". A local blues rock band, the "Jamburglars" are a fun-loving group of pals with a dedicated fan base.
The band is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Tony Portillo, guitarist/harmonica player Danny "The Danimal" Newsom, drummer Danny "D-Sil" Silva, and Scott Anderson on bass -- and maybe triangle.
Interviewing the bandmates individually created something of a journalistic, triangular trap. Portillo noted Anderson as both the bass and triangle player. Anderson, in a separate conversation, insisted that he does not play the triangle, nor does he own such an instrument. Laughter ensued, as it became clear these guys shouldn't be taken in single doses. This will henceforth be noted as "The Triangle Situation." Pun intended.
Fun and games aside, the bandmates were able to generate some factual information. "We're not punk, not jam, not jazz..." Portillo said. "We're more blues." The band lists Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix as influences, but says they aren't too genre-picky when it comes to their cover songs, which include selections from the Beastie Boys. Portillo also credits James Brown and Miles Davis with some of the band's inspiration. With improvisation and a little experimentation with genre mixing, the "Jamburglars" create a unique blend of blues and funk....

By Shannon Bell, Arts Reporter

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MauvelWide - Released August 2005
Mija - Coming 2008...



Formed in August of 2004, The Jamburglars hit the Las Cruces, NM music scene hard and haven’t looked back since. With strong roots in both the Jazz and Funk genres, The Jamburglars enjoy the fusion of Rock/Funk/Jazz/Blues/Reggae/Hip Hop. Classified as Jazz Rock, The ‘Burglars pride themselves on having no limits in the musical realm, constantly pushing the boundaries and forcing their listeners to have an experience instead of just another night out. With innovative covers of band favorites such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Harper and the Black Crowes, The Jamburglars continue to not only jam progressive, but also lend their sound to undeniable greats.

With all members picking up music at early ages, jam sessions abound in the decade leading up to the group’s formation. Many of the members grew up together and when the opportunity arose to jam together frequently the members jumped on the chance. With a melting pot of literature and anthropology degrees mixed in with computer geekness, their history and intellect are as eclectic as their original music.

Regularly playing at every venue in the area, The Jamburglars have quickly excelled to local dominance in the music scene. Releasing their first album – MauvelWide – within their first year together, The ‘Burglars are quick to follow up with a new album due out in the beginning of '08. Already with thousands of hits on their fledgling MySpace website, success is undeniable and continually increasing. See you out there.