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The Future - EP (2008)
Full length CD coming this September.


Steev Richter
1. Greatest Hits Vol. II (2002)
2. Jack's Basement (2003)
3. Jill's Attic (2005)
4. Somewhere in Between (2006)

Rob Allen
1. Cavalcade (2005)
2. Desert Life (2007)

Shamus McCrave
1. Pull (1999)
2. Don't Forget (2001)
3. Left Out (2006)




New York-based band Jameson Steinway is a band that is better to experience rather than simply listen to, and that's just what people have been doing. With a live sound that fuses blues riffs, pop hooks, and piano leads with smooth vocals and layered harmonies, they have created a unique blend of genre-defying style that makes them very difficult to categorize.

STEEV RICHTER (piano, vocals)
For the past 10-plus years, Steev has enjoyed a slow but steady rise from obscurity. From fronting the original Jameson Steinway in the mid to late ’90s, to releasing four solo albums since 2000, he’s played to countless packed houses and sold-out shows, and enjoys an ever-growing fanbase across the country. Known musically for the intensity, passion, and honesty that he brings to his lyrics and his live shows, Steev shares an intimate bond with his audience that keeps them coming back.

ROB ALLEN (drums)
Rob Allen’s affair with music began with a stint playing drums for his brother’s band at age 13. Over 10 years later, that love is growing stronger than ever. After the drums, Rob moved on to guitar, piano, singing and songwriting, recording, and producing. In 2006, his band Tintern Abbey debuted a well-received first album, Cavalcade. The following year he released his first solo project, "Desert Life", which was an eclectic mix of folk rock, alternative, and indie sounds. Rob has now come full-circle with a return to his roots as the drummer for Jameson Steinway.

A native New Yorker, Shamus has been singing and playing instruments – including bass, trumpet, guitar, bouzouki and sitar – ever since he decided to steal his sister’s flute at age 6. Sibling rivalry gave him the feeling that she wasn’t his biggest fan, so he was driven to overcompensate – and set out to make big fans all across the country. Mission accomplished through the ’90s with the success of his bands New Rising Sun, Earshot, and ThumB. He is now adding his experience and wicked vibrancy to the mix of personalities and sounds that is: