The James Thomas Revolution

The James Thomas Revolution


Amazing live shows! This band hits the stage with a powerfully original sound blend of Reggae/Blues/Rock that makes you want to dance.


When The James Thomas Revolution hit the stage in 2005 they redefined what new music could be. Their unique blend of soulful reggae, screaming blues, and electric rock had audiences captivated and cheering for more. The Revolution’s powerful originality, captivating grooves, and raw energy makes everybody dance.

"The James Thomas Revolution doesn't simply "play" music, they embody the music and resonate with talent."
Kelsey LaRoche, Vandal Entertainment, University of Idaho

"I haven't seen a show that rocked as hard as these guys in a while. Definitely worth seeing!"
KRFP, Radio Free Moscow 92.5

James Thomas won 2nd place in north west regional guitar competition!
See the footage:

Their hit single "Round and Round" earned them several guest appearances on the air, and their energetic live performances have made a new mark in music. The strength of their debut album has earned fans up and down the west coast and they have become an instant favorite among the new crowds they play. The James Thomas Revolution is an exciting musical force; a show not to miss.

"This band is awesome, and I wanted everyone else to know it!"
Malice in Wonderland Productions

Recent live performances:
Humbrews, Arcata CA
The Moose Lodge, Pullman WA
Express YourSelf Festival '08, Moscow ID
Keeney Bros 4th annual Guitar Showdown, Moscow ID
The Terrapin Station, Boise ID
Ratstock 2008, Moscow ID
John's Alley, Moscow ID
Shorty's, Garden City ID
One World Cafe, Moscow ID
Live From the Gallery, Moscow ID
The Loft, Weiser ID
Opa, Boise ID
The Pair, Boise ID

This rockin' trio has opened our ears to a new sound that will forever push the limits of new music.

Book them today for a concert you'll never forget!


Round and Round - Hit single, 2005
The James Thomas Revolution - Debut album, 2006
JTR- Live at the Gallery - Released 2008

Set List

Set List: 30 songs total (3 hours stage time, 15min breaks)

Typical 10 song set list (1 hour stage time, 45 mins music)

Round and Round
Babylon is Creeping
As We Rise
How Many Years
Mr. Sunshine
The Revolution
Life to Live For
Best Days of Our Lives
In the End