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Pasadena, California, United States

Pasadena, California, United States
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"accolades and awards"

The Jane Doe's returned to the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 with a mission. Their politically charged track, "Who's Kidding Who?", is featured in the documentary "Fields of Fuel" which is in official competition in the Documentary category. The Jane Doe's first hit the Sundance stages with sold out performances in 2005 when another song of theirs, "Quiet Inside", was featured by Brain Eno on the soundtrack of "The Jacket" starring Kiera Knightly and Adrian Brody. Since then the Jane Doe's have been asked return to many times to Park City playing radio, festivals and private shows for a growing Utah fan base.

Below is a list of accolades, awards and happenings for the Jane Doe's.

Headlining the re-birth of the "Godspeed" party in Las Vegas hosted by The House of Blues and Live Nation (April 7th 2008)

Performed to raise money for the silverlake conservatory, flea's (red hot chili peppers) non-profit music education program in hollywood, california. (january 2008)

Independent Music Award 2007 Nomination for Best Song from a Film or TV Show

"Max" magazine featured article (Germany 2007)

In the winter of 2007 the jane doe's were picked out of 1000's of entrants to participate in the ASCAP Lester Sill songwriting workshop.

"Junkie" was featured on a popular video blog "Lonely Girl 15", the episode, entitled "Swimming" which featured the song had 40million hits worldwide within the first week. (2007)

Performed with John Popper/Blues Traveler (may 2007)

Pulse Rated (USA/UK) radio featured The Jane Doe's 7-consecultive days in
November, 2006, profiling 7 songs from "You Bring the Devil" and interviewed the band live each night.

Brad Colton was featured in a Fall 2006 full-page spread in the LA Times Magazine "West"

"Vanity Fair" magazine featured article (us 2006)

Rock City News Outstanding Songwriter of the Year 2005

Regular mentions on, LA Weekly and Pulse Rated.

Rami Joffe from "the Wallflowers" and "the Foo Fighters" often sits in with the Jane Doe's
as well as DJ Logic (John Mayer/Medeski Martin & Wood/Jack Johnson) and Brent Paschke (N.E.R.D./Spymob)

Celebrities such as Kiera Knightly, John Legend, John Mayer, Will Smith, often frequent the Jane Doe's performances.
- tj


"RED-EYED SOUL" (2008, unreleased)
-the newest Jane Doe's record, no one has heard it, "feel it" is the first track from the record and you can listen to it on the epk player. For inquires write to us at

-currently releasing tracks one at a time, free online as part of The Jane Doe's Virtual World Summer Tour.

-Three cuts from their self-produced freshman album made it on to the silver or LCD screen.

"SLOE GIN FIZZ" (2004)
-An acoustic album that makes up half the chromosomes of the Jane Doe's.
Preceding their conception by a few months, this is the quintessential
prequel to the Doe's. Recorded live in studio.



- "Quiet Inside" was featured in The Jacket starring Keira Knightly and Adrian Brody. Brian Eno, who wrote the score, was so taken with the Jane Doe's stark haunting lament, written especially for the project, that he wove the song's musical theme throughout the film, and played in full over the end credits. The band also headlined the films premiere party.


-"Junkie", from You Bring the Devil made a little ripple in the world of online video when it was used in the "Swimming!" episode of LonelyGirl15 - the third most watched episode of the original series with one million views. It was enough to get the Jane Doe's mentioned in the New York Times.


"Shine", "Tap Room", and "Speaking with the Sky", were all placed in this independent Psychological-riller starring Rachel Hunter and Tippie Hendren.

-"Who'ss Kidding Who", the most recorded Jane Doe's song, appears on Sloe Gin Fizz, You Bring the Devil, and Red-Eyed-Soul... it's a song that sadly becomes more relevant every year since its conception by Andy Tubman's father in 1968. The film won the Viewers Choice Award at the 2008 Sundance Film festival.

-Independent Music Award 2007 Nomination for Best Song from a Film or TV Show for "Quiet Inside".

-Pulse Rated (USA/UK) radio featured The Jane Doe's 7-consecutive days in November, 2006, profiling 7 songs from You Bring the Devil and interviewed the band live each night.

To find out what else the Jane Doe's have up their sleeves:



Phone: 310-663-8827



The sultry, deeply-grooved sound of the Jane Doe's owes some of its resonance, insight, and kaleidoscopic imagery to front man Andy Tubman's day job. As a music therapist in psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers, he uses music to communicate in new ways with people living in pain and at the very edges of the human experience. One of the first things to attract your ears and eyes at a Jane Doe's performance is the eclectic makeup of Drummer/percussionist Brad Colton's kit. A collection of hand drums from around the world is spiced with found object instruments Brad creates out of salad bowls, springs, and other everyday items which add layers of intricate sound to the music.

Whether in their stripped down three piece (guitar, bass and percussion) at an intimate living room show or throwing down with the full band including Rhodes/B3, two drummers and often with special guests, the Doe's never fail to capture their audience. In an age where Pro Tools trickery can make up for a variety of musical sins, it's apparent when experiencing The Jane Doe's that the players have a mastery of their craft and a deep connection to their art that can not be achieved by keyboard short cuts or fakery.

Based in LA, the Jane Doe's play the city's choicest venues includin...
-The Roxy (opening for the John Popper Project, Tea -Leaf Green, etc.)
-The Knitting Factory
-The Hotel Cafe
-The House of Blues in LA and Las Vegas.
-Sundance Film Festival, 2006, 2007 and 2008
-Utah Mountain Stages a series of summer concerts in Park City, UT
-Private bookings for Vanity Fair, Campari, and Skyy Vodka
-Fundraiser for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, sponsored by Smart Car

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