The Jane Does

The Jane Does


Stilettos, Lipstick and Rock. Music with attitude that makes you wanna snarl and dance all at once!


For a long time The Jane Does were merely an idea shared by vocal partners in crime Bec M and Nat. Despite a previous rivalry during college, the girls were drawn together by a mutual love for vocal theatrics and the exotic rock band 'The Voyeurs'.

Upon uniting Nat and Bec M decided that they wanted to start an all female band when the time was right. The girls managed to convince long time friend (and coincidentally bass player) Cara to join their dream adding the blond flava to The Jane Does.

Due to a significant lack of female musicians in Launceston it became apparent that they would have to poach a drummer and guitarist. Bec B was head hunted by Bec M while playing at a Uni Competition and agreed to join simply to stop the harassment. While guitarist Jharna was always up for an opportunity to rock out and quickly jumped on The Jane Does ride.

And so... in February 2004 The Jane Does made a controversial entry to the Tasmanian music scene with their glam look and own distinct rock style.

Since then they have supported numerous high profile acts such as Magic Dirt, Gerling and Machine Gunn Fellatio, released an indie EP 'The Marshall Mixes' and have had their new single 'Pink Shattered Mirror' recorded by Marshall Cullen feature on the Ausralian emerging artists 'Grow Your Own Vol 10' compilation - out of Foghorn records in Sydney.


Pink Shattered Mirror

Written By: The Jane Does

a good little girl sits still and quiet
a sweet little smile in a mary-jane number
some say she’s kind, others shy
nothing unusual or strange

not all about a reflection
not all the things that make me cringe
ash on my feet I dare you
‘cause I’m looking into a thousand pieces of a pink shattered mirror

behind the dark pools of her eyes
lies the eccentric life of her mind
colours so bright the reasons unknown
why is her sky yellow?

not all about a reflection
not all the things that make me cringe
ash on my feet I dare you
‘cause I’m looking into a thousand pieces of a pink shattered mirror

in her dreams sits a cypress tree
silhouette fading in the upside-down sun
althiaophobia is not strange
why does the lake tell her the time?

not all about a reflection
not all the things that make me cringe
ash on my feet I dare you
‘cause I’m looking into a thousand pieces of a pink shattered mirror


Written By: The Jane Does

whisper to yourself
i know i should remember it here
tell it to yourself
i’ve got to get in gear
no name no age no home to stay
no job no friends no games to play
can’t find my picture

it’s a lie it’s so deceiving
i’m perceiving the truth
it’s my mind that i’m not reading
it is speeding into
a time spent in descent
spiral down and look around
turn your head and hear a sound
thoughts are stirring underground
deep down underground

looking familiar
like something i’d seen before
recollection deception
a shadow flicks in front of a door
no luck no chance no way to get near
no help no choice no way to smell fear
i don’t remember


where has my mind gone
I have lost it in the woods
when i went alking all alone
who found me here
tell me

(chorus x2)

Lonely Girl

Written By: The Jane Does

tell me what you want my name to be
when you look you look right through me
am i ever gonna really see
what it is that i could be
i don’t want to be here now
i don’t want to be that girl

what would happen if i just walked out
would you here me if i tried to shout
am i ever gonna lose the doubt
someone tell me what that’s all about
i could just run away
or i could just stop and stay

don’t want to be in this place no more
i could be anyone
don’t want to see these streets no more
i’m leaving everyone (repeat all)

if i go will you stop and try
remember the time i passed you by
i wasn’t looking but i wasn’t shy
i didn't want you to see me cry
i couldn’t look you in the face
i didn’t think it was my place


Are you a lonely girl like me (x4)



The Marshall Mixes - 2005
1. Amnesia
2. Tea Leaves
3. By Myself
4. Threesome

'Pink Shattered Mirror' - 2005 (single)
Featured on Grow Your Own Volume 10
b side - Lonely Girl

Set List

The Jane Does usually perform an original set of 1 hr duration but can play 3x 45's if requested.

A typical 1 hr set is:

1. Tea Leaves
2. City Life
3. Tongue Tied
4. Lonely Girl
5. By Myself
6. Pink Shattered Mirror
7. Stop Talking
8. Groupie
9. Threesome
10. Spy on Me
11. Ugly Jess
12. Amnesia

The Jane Does can play covers when requested by such bands as Hole, Lash, No Doubt, Magic Dirt, Machine Gunn Fellatio, The Vines, Powderfinger etc...