The Jangling Reinharts

The Jangling Reinharts

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

"The Jangling Reinharts play chunky, hook-laden, melodic rock . Their Dave Matthews-style guitars and Interpol-esque knack for the minor chord and unexpected melodic twist make for a refreshing musical experience. One jangle with them and you'll never look back. "


The Jangling Reinharts sprung from several bands in the Central Virginia area - regional and nationally known bands such as BS&M, the Kyle Davis Band, and the Ernies.

Rick Schaffer was a founding member of BS&M out of Richmond, Va. BS&M developed a large regional following in the mid-Atlantic area setting attendance records in the Outer Banks and other venues and releasing several CD's. Rick plays guitar and sings. His musical inspiration began early with "Monkees" reruns along with The Beatles,CCR, Donovan, The Band and The Who's Quadrophenia record.

There is a picture of Buster Bohannon aged 3 playing guitar on the wall in a local music store in Richmond. He is one of the most gifted guitar players around in the style of Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck and Robbie Robertson. A multi-instrumentalist and percussionist, he is also a gifted singer. He has toured with national recording artist Kyle Davis opening up for everyone from Dave Mathews to Robert Earle Keen. He has a big heart and a smooth head.

Danny Fisher doesn't just play the drums, well yes he does actually. But boy can he play. Growing up in Richmond, Danny was a scenester in the local music scene. Bands like "Boo" and "The Late Show" shared Danny's growing talents. He then spent several years in the San Francisco music scene before one too many earthquakes made him realize that Richmond's music scene was on pretty solid footing. He is also a gifted singer as well as one of the most talented drummers on just a snare and kick. Danny is part of the soul of the earth and also has a smooth head.

Mike Hughes is the newest and youngest of the Reinharts. He is probably the most versatile musician in the band. Though he plays bass on stage, off stage he plays everything else brilliantly - over and over again. He toured nationwide with the Ernies and can even be found on the original Tony Hawk Playstation game where the band actually has a video placement on one of the levels. Needless to say, the Reinharts immediately hit back alleys looking for this original game just to see if he was lying. He's not. He's there! Oh and one more thing - he also has a smooth head.

The Reinharts love playing music together and love sharing that love with all of our friends and fans. Now let's all get back up on stage and jump into a pile....


Beautiful Thing

Written By: Rick Schaffer

It was Tuesday, I'd already eaten
And my tongue felt like it was lead
So I put a call to my best girl
Said "Let's kick it around in the bed."
I never said it'd be the Garden of Eden, though I hoped we'd have time for some sin.
And with the rain beatin' down on the window - we begin...
Wednesday the sun find me shinin'
Like a bee to her perfume.
And ol'Willard, in the corner,
Sees us nestled up like spoons.
I'd dreamt a farmer cried over his cornfield saying rain gone and cheat him again.
I never thought he'd be the one who would lose it and go crazy...cccrazy

But it's a, it's a beautiful thing.
Mmmmm, it's a, it's a beautiful thing.

I've seen the plains of Africa
All dusted with debris.
They are the smoldering reminders left under Acacia trees.
I never said it'd be the Garden of Eden, though I hoped to get rid of the sin.
And with the rain beatin' down on the window we begin - it's still beatin's down - we're all beaten down....


And my legs are lean
Tall enough to see
And my arms are lean
Strong enough to steal a way for my next meal.

(chorus repeat)

Where is the rain and the flood?
This field has gone to dust.....

Where is the rain...?

Set List

2 - 1 1/2 hour sets or 3 hour sets: mix of original and cover. Cover material ranges from contemporary Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, Ryan Adams, Wilco to alternative - Elliot Smith, My Morning Jacket, STP, Coldplay - to alternative country - Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Jayhawks, Whiskeytown to party - Talking Heads, BNL, REM, Elvis Costello, Elvis, Van Morrison, reggae etc. Oh and Britney Spears!