The Jani Lang Band

The Jani Lang Band


Amazingly hot Gypsy music with a squeeze of Celtic and a sprinkle of Middle Eastern flavours


The Band was founded in Aberdeen Scotland in 2006 by Jani Lang, a Hungarian fiddler who moved there in 2005 after touring for many years with different bands and musicians. In Aberdeen local music sessions provided the starting point for a magical mixture of musical influences and talent. That is where Jani met Tom Roche a fantastic Irish box player and Martin MacDonald a young Scottish guitar virtuoso and started to play together at local venues. Not long after they were joined by the Egyptian master of percussion, Aly Salam and Aberdeen's one and only Mike Rae on the bass. Encouraged by friends and listeners, The Jani Lang Band was born, creating a unique collaboration of Hungarian, Scottish, Irish and Egyptian musicians driven by an enthusiasm for Balkan and Gypsy music. This has developed into a shared passion and cultivated a deeper understanding of culture, language and the music. From this the Devil in A Box album has emerged. On the album they were joined by two of the most sought after musicians from Hungary, a rising star of the Gypsy music scene, singer-guitar player Guszti Balogh and the world famous cimbalom player, Kalman Balogh. After the recording the decision has been made to invite these two fantastic musicians as the members of the band, creating the final line up and the unique sound of the Jani Lang Band. The title Devil in a Box comes from a traditional Gypsy song which says: "If I catch the devil, I lock him in a box and the more he moves the more I hit the box"


Devil in A Box (Folkies Records 2008)

Set List

Album tunes + a few wonderful surprises which may include new pieces.