The Janitors

The Janitors


If The Clash, Violent Femmes, and Green Day had a love child, that would be gross. But you know what's a great band? The Janitors! We play hook heavy, guitar driven pop-rock songs with a danceable beat and entertaining lyrics.


We recorded our EP: "Talkin' Trash" at Memphis's now-legendary Sun Studios. (We know that it existed before, but as far as we're concerned, it wasn't legendary until we recorded there.)


Show Me Where It Hurts

Written By: The Janitors

underneath miss juliet
lies princess carolina
brittle and as delicate
as whispers made of china

further this inspection
till we find the place we lost it
your skill at indirection
leaves my sympathy exhausted

show me where it hurts
show me where it aches
show me where you go
when your poor heart breaks
and scream away
every jagged word
let down your hair
lift up your skirt
show me where it hurts

now the dogs of hell surround my bed
hungry for a feeding
so tie this ribbon round my head
to stop my bones from bleeding

i salute you captain
for your glorious disaster
this could not have happened
to a more deserving bastard

painted faces
jewelry cases no
sacred places
where the chaste may go
build a fortress
we will force it down
strength of horses now
feel it coursing out

incandescent ashes
sparkle gently in revealing
slow-motion auto crashes
cast against the bedroom ceiling

quickly now there's no more time
for wasted understanding
our self-recriminations
are tenacious and demanding


EP: Talkin' Trash (6 tracks) 2007

Set List

12 songs in 45 rockin' minutes:
Why Why Why
Out of Range
I Predict a Riot (Kaiser Chiefs cover)
Rise Again
Show Me Where It Hurts
Skinny Chiffone
Trust Myself
Stand Up and Fight
Follow The Leader
Breed (Nirvana cover)
All Messed Up