Los Angeles, California, USA

The Janks are brothers, Zack & Dylan Zmed and best mate, Garth Herberg – three fresh, young, talented musicians/singer/songwriters, who’s eclectic style of rock/folk is set to send new audiences into a whirl of delightful confusion as it merges over four decades of rock into a newly crafted sound. Catapulting ‘60’s classic rock through tunnels of Nashville folk and mountains of 70s Queen-esque theatre, The Janks delve and dive from gritty rock and folky campfire songs, before exploding into boom


"The album is like musical theatre," says The Janks' Dylan Zmed [Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Percussion] of his band's forthcoming release Hands of Time. "The first half develops the plot of a young boy who comes from a broken home, while the second reflects the visceral intensity of growing up from separated roots. At the end, we see there's possibility for change."

The Janks offer a change for rock 'n' roll on Hands of Time. On songs like the title track and "Dead Man," guitars careen with an elegant impulsiveness, while vocal harmonies rise and fall seamlessly, evoking a myriad of feelings to tell this cohesive story. The Janks sound like Pete Townshend going on a bender with Dean Ween, and that's what makes Hands of Time come to life. The band principals—Zack Zmed [Vocals, Guitar, Keys], Garth Herberg [Guitar, Keys], and Dylan Zmed—give listeners a front row seat at their "theatre".

The Janks came together in Los Angeles in 2009. They gigged around locally and began developing a following. They've toured all over the U.S. Cultivating their sound, forging an identity that was unequivocally theirs. Elements of Garth's compositions creep into the sound, while Zack's reverence for timeless '60s and '70s rock melds with an appreciation that runs the gamut —from The Kinks, Led Zeppelin and Queen to The White Stripes, Fleet Foxes, Radiohead, and Ween. Everything simply set the stage for Hands Of Time though.

The Janks recorded Hands Of Time throughout 2010, whittling down 30 prospective songs into one consistent and succinct vision. Zack sums up their sound on the new album. "It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next from song to song”. There's a duality to the record. The material spans night and day on a variety of levels. Some of the music and subject matter is really heavy and dark, while some of it is soft and light”.

"In a way, the song Hands Of Time is a subtle overture," reveals Zack. "It's a reflection over a person's life, what happened to his parents' relationship, and everything he's gone through. It encompasses how imagination essentially died when he had to grow up and become a man. The record explores a lot of different areas. This is simply one of its faces, and it balances the other themes out."

Accompanying "Hands Of Time" is an explosive music video by acclaimed film director Gary Lundgren. It brings viewers closer into the ethereal edge of the band. Lundgren also lensed an equally engaging video for "Dead Man." Other songs like, Rat Racers, Demon Dance and Drama King’s Ball showcase the heaver songs on the record and serves as the gateway to the darker side of the band.

The press has also embraced the band. Flagstaff Live writes, "The Janks may be young but their solid grasp of Americana rock blended with '60s-influenced pop has garnered comparison's to artists like Neil Young and Wilco." Meanwhile, The Deli says, "Brings the '60s back to give it a sort of facelift, all sans the self-entitlement."

"If parts of this record get stuck in people's heads when they wake up, we'll feel successful," concludes Garth. "The music has been in our heads for way too long. It's time for someone else to appreciate it."— (Rick Florino, March 2011)


Delicate Mouthfeels LP
Demon Dance EP
Hands Of Time LP

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Set is usually 45 - 60 min