The Januariez

The Januariez

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Painting with an abstract of influences including 1970-80s punk, straight forward rock with down and dirty blues, The Januariez have made it work and work well…think T. Rex with a little Thin Lizzy and Veruca Salt fronted by Ani DiFranco.


It all started at Darrell's open mic in March 2011. J-kNee January had shown up to play a couple of songs, but wound up finding a band instead. While watching the other acts, she witnessed a drummer, who later introduced himself as Reno, transform into a rhythmic conduit. Completely blown away by his ability to channel, she chased him down and asked him to play a couple of songs with her. Not knowing this guy at all, the chemistry and her intuition led her to ask him to join her new band in its embryonic form. Originally performing under the name January, because of the relation to the Roman god of the doorway Janus, J-kNee wanted a band name with intent. But that night, she perfected the name after Tal, the host of Darrell's open mic, mistakenly called them The Januariez at the end of their impromptu performance.

Knowing that J-kNee was serious (and maybe a little crazy) and that this band would be no ordinary venture, Reno took some time to consider. Active in the Seattle music scene, Reno plays with A Sic End, the nerdcore band, Southside, and jams with as many quirky musicians as he can. He has opened for some notable bands such as Naughty by Nature and Rehab and has played almost every venue in town. J-kNee, the primary song-writer and a veteran musician herself, most recently known as Nancy Frieko, has shared the stage with a foray of artists ranging from Amy Denio to Sage to The Fucking Eagles to Seaweed. She has played all over the US and has been in bands with members of Dischord band, Trusty and the legendary DC band, Scream. These days she focuses most of her time on The Januariez.

These hardworking players began practicing once a week behind a muffler shop, then scheduled two days a week, and two days a week grew into hanging out, going to shows, and sharing ideas. J-knee and Reno's efforts melded their styles to create an alchemy of rock, punk, metal, blues, and funk. Since then, The Januariez have played all over the Pacific Northwest, performing with local friends Watch it Sparkle, The Navins, The Witches Titties,
The Industry People, Gold Records, Reji Lefluer, Furniture Girls and Seeing Blind. After a chance meeting, punk legend, Alice Bag, asked The Januariez to be her backing band for a few shows which included a performance at the Women Who Rock Conference. Those shows were followed by a trip to SXSW a short Mid-South tour.

Described by Innocent Words Magazine as "T.Rex with a little Thin Lizzy and Veruca Salt fronted by Ani DiFranco," The Januariez have a little something for everyone. With a year together and 20 shows behind them, the band is excited to be recording their first full length album with Jack Endino in July 2012. The album, Authentic, set for release Autumn 2012, will be followed with a couple of regional tours.


What I Could Give You

Written By: J-kNee January

This is the rawest thing
I could give you-
a piece of my flesh
thick with the memory
of dirt and tears
I don't need it anymore
cause I've replaced it now
with plastic and wires

See I don't want you to know who I am
I don't want to know either, but here I stand

This is the ugliest thing
I could give you-
and why you want it
I don't know
cause I couldn't stand it hiding
underneath my clothes
And I've replaced it now
with ambiguity

See I don't want you To know who I am;
I don't want To know either, but as long as I stand
here and look around, there's no denying
so I keep trying, to rid myself of me

This is the worst thing
I could give you--
And I'm not sure
You'd know what it was
Even if I told you
it's just awful that way
I don't need it anymore
but you seem willing to take it.

so before you go
I want you to know
that I didn't make you
take this from me,
you wanted to see me
you wanted me.

Dying Man

Written By: J-kNee January

Is it
To wish
On a dying man
For the dying man?
Dying man…
Dying man…
Dying man…
And if that
Wish came true
What would
Come of it?
Now I’m
Of myself
And not
Anywhere else
Dying man
On the dying man
Dying man
And that’s the nature of the wish
Is it
Is it
Someone please tell me
If I were to wish this
What would it mean?
Death on the dying man.


Written By: J-kNee January

Sixteen years ago I met you
In a parking lot outside the DMZ
I was rather taken by you, and you
By me, or so I thought it seemed
But what does a young girl know anyway
About anything
The night caught up with us
And I found myself giving you the power I need

Not again
Will I be that girl

Sixteen years ago it snowed in my room
We were so dangerously bored
What were we to do?
You covered my nose; you covered my mouth
So I couldn’t sing.
You said I love you, you said I hate you,
You said I love you
What the hell did that mean?

Not again
Will I be that girl

Sixteen years have passed and somehow I managed to survive
The trouble is that I never intended to have a life
There are no words for teenaged fear
There are no cures for teenaged pain
Life is life; it is what it is.
It’s only myself that I can change.

Not again
Will I be that girl
I am strong now
I have a place to stand
I live now
That other girl is dead.


January 16,'91 EP

Set List

Trauma Model
Dying Man
Song of a Lost Self
Projector Blue
Ideal Love
Babylonian Gorgon
Moments of Knowing
What I Could Give You
Shut Up and Listen

(We have more songs, but this is our standard set for the time being.)