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"The January Design makes music for their own reasons"

The January Design article

Compelling, honest, and heartfelt - The January Design makes music for their own reasons, with their own rules.
"We don't really care if people like it or not, but if that 1 to 5 core audience of people comes out to hang out with you, then it's just as cool as having 30 people in the back" says lead singer Geoshie Harison.
With Paul Kettelle on guitar, Jake Bouchard commanding the drums, Anthony Doom on the bass, Doug Cahoon offering both guitar and vocals, and Geoshie Harison providing lead vocals, The January Design is a force to be reckoned with.
The catchy yet emotional melodies of The January Design are complimented perfectly with unique and piercing vocals while the drums build up and pull songs apart.
While The January Design's music is full of commotion and energy, it is best served live. Along with great music, audiences are often witnesses to great crowd interaction, acts that defy gravity, and intimate brotherhood. "There will be screaming, pretty parts, throwing up. You'll see one of us falling down. Be prepared to see a high energy show."
The January Design have an amazing ability to bring people together. When surrounded by a room full of strangers, The January Design adds a refreshing new element to the mix - community.
Accompanied with their great live performance is a great attitude. Many fans feel connected with the band immediately from their first time seeing them live.
"I've seen The January Design a few times and love them more and more every time. Mainly because they get the crowd involved in their shows. It was the first time my friend SJ had ever seen them and having Paul make a simple 'scoot closer' gesture with his finger made her smile. They make you feel like you're as much a part of the show as they are." – Comments from Blanca Chicas of their December 9th performance in a Westerly High Schooler's basement.
The January Design have worked very hard to earn attention one fan at a time, and on January 10th will be playing a monumental show with AlexisOnFire, Saosin, Senses Fail, and The Sleeping.
The January Design's tireless work ethic, fantastic music, dedication, and remarkable sincerity make for a pestilent trap, in which most listeners will easily become victim.
To listen to The January Design and find out about upcoming shows visit them online at

- Mary


Dreaming in Colours EP:
"Meet The Enforcer"
"Consequences of a Math Disability Part II"
"Eye Am Not A Palindrome"
"Theme Song for a Turtle Crossing"
"The Fourth Movement"



The January Design started as an idea with Doug Cahoon and Paul Kettelle. The First meeting was instant chemistry writing a couple pieces and forming a direction. After finding vocalist Geoshie Harison, drummer Jake Bouchard, and bassist Tony Dzikiewicz a solid lineup was formed. Taking influences from Thursday, Alexisonfire, Chiodos, Taking Back Sunday, and He Is Legend The January Design forged a style all their own. Combining pounding vocal melodies, driving guitars, and amazing drum work, they played their first two shows back to back after being together for only a month gaining radio airplay on the college circut.

Quickly gaining a following through-out the New England scene and beyond, The January Design started sharing the stage with such acts as:

Alexisonfire (Vagrant Records)
Senses Fail (Vagrant Records)
Saosin (Capitol Records)
The Junior Varsity (Victory Records)
The Sleeping (Victory Records)
Vanna (Epitaph)
and many more...

Taking the next step in thier growing musical career The January Design teamed up with manager John Cappucci of Starlista Music Group and agent David Southworth of NHBooking.