The Jay Gunnz Experience

The Jay Gunnz Experience

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The Jay Gunnz Experience is dedicated to 2 things> Writing music that inspires and uplifts us, and giving the most entertaining and energetic live experience we can offer. We are commited to write and play the best, most original music we can. See you at the show!


The Jay Gunnz experience was formed like most other bands, a group of friends coming together to try and put their take on the type f music they love. Theonly problem was we all loved different music! Sure, there were some overlaps, for example the first time the band was discussed we were all at a Deftones concert in Philly. Once we finally got together to try and write some music, everyones influence showed through. Whether its Jays lightning fast rhymes, or Matt's jam band style riffs or Tom and Joe's heavy hitting rhythms, there is something for everyone when it comes to JGE's music. Once we started writing the music just wouldn't stop coming. Over the course of maybe 10 practices we had our demo ready to be recorded, and with the help of our friend and producer C-Pro, that dream became a reality quickly. The rest of the story is yet to be told, but I can tell you the setting, bars and clubs all over the world!!


Welcome to the JayGunnz experience - Ten song demo

Set List

As of right now we can play a straight set of music that would last about one hour, that would include 11 originals and 2 covers. We can easily play anything from an opening act to a full on headliner.